1300 Calorie Diet for Weight Loss {Full Day of Eating}


What a full day of eating looks like for a 1300 calorie diet. This day included 1338 calories, 134 g protein, 97 g carbs, 49 g fat {40% protein, 28% carbs, and 33% fat}

Why I Track My Calories

While I lost weight sticking to 1200 calories, I’ve been able to maintain it eating more food. While this is the goal, I think the goal to “eat more food” might be less exciting than one might think.

For example, eating another 300 calories a day to maintain my weight is not that much food when you think about it. I think when someone’s whole goal is to ‘raise their metabolism to eat more food’, they’re going to be disappointed by the actual amount of food you can eat without regaining all the weight back.

If your end goal is to eat as much food as possible without gaining weight, I’m afraid you’re missing the point. Overeating, even if you don’t gain weight never feels good.

It’s still important, at least for me, to track my meals. If left to eating any amount of food without the accountability of a food tracker like MyFitnessPal, I’ll always eat more than my body needs. The hyperpalitability and easy access to food make it so it’s easy to eat an extra 1000 calories a day, without feeling like you ate too much.

So, I continue to track. I continue to weigh and measure my food. And you know what!? It’s NOT that bad. I actually enjoy the process. I AM one of those weirdo’s who would rather track and measure my food, than go back to being heavy.

So, with that said, here’s a typical day of eating for me. This day was 1300 calories, but I can eat 1500-1700 calories and still not regain my weight back.

If you are trying to follow a low calorie, high-ish protein diet, here’s how I do it!

I generally eat some variation of this pattern. LITERALLY EVERY DAY!

My Meals for a 1300 Calorie Diet


  • 1 serving protein (usually egg whites)
  • 1 carb (either fruit, toast, or oatmeal)
  • Veggies if I am in the mood.


  • 1 serving veggies (half the plate)
  • 1 serving protein (3-4 ounces of chicken or ground turkey)
  • 1 serving carbs (bread, potatoes, or fruit)


If I’m keeping the day low carb, dinner will be:

  • 1 serving protein
  • And a whole lotta veggies!


My snacks will always be a protein plus a carb. This particular day, I had a built bar and a banana!

1300 calorie full day of eating for weight loss

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The plate in my pictures above are a new version of THIS plate I sell. I recently had that plate redesigned with actual dividers in the center, and this was my sample from the manufacturer. It should be ready to sell this fall! I’m so excited for it to get here!

So, back to these specific meals- here’s what I ate.

Breakfast: Eggs, toast and veggies

360 calories, 36 g protein, 26 g carbs , 12 g fat

  • 1 slice Dave’s Killer Bread Powerseed
  • 1 cup Egg whites
  • 30 g Mushrooms
  • 5 Cherry tomatoes
  • 10 Spinach
  • 1 ounce Cheese
  • 1/2 Onion

Lunch: Homemade veggie pizza, veggies, and ground turkey

434 calories, 49g Protein, 26 g carbs, 14 g fat

  • 1 slice Cold Cream Cheese Veggie Pizza (get the recipe here!)
  • 6 ounces Ground Chicken with GHughes sugar free Polynesian sauce
  • 3 mini Bell peppers
  • 10 g Mushrooms
  • 1 ounce Feta cheese
lunch on a 1300 calorie diet with calories and macros

Dinner Taco Salad

325 calories 31 g prtoein, 4 grams Carbs, 20 g fat

  • 1 cup Lettuce
  • 4 ounces 93% lean Ground beef
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • 1 ounce Cheese
  • 2 tablespoons Bolthouse ranch dressing
dinner on a 1300 calorie diet with calories and macros

Dessert/Snack Fruit and Protein bar

219 Calories 18 g protein, 41 g carbs, 3 g F

  • 1 medium Banana
  • 1 Built Bar coconut (discount for built bars: HEALTHBEET)
snack on a 1300 calorie full day of eating with calories and macros

1300 calorie full day of eating high protein low carb

If you’re looking for a low calorie meal plan for a full day, I hope that this 1300 calorie day plan helps!

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  1. Thank you Amy for helping me get back on track!! I’ve tried several of your full day of meals. I also purchased your 30 days of 1200 calorie meals. I am now 12lbs down in a months time. And, I’m going through menopause, so the weight loss hasn’t been easy at all. I’m so happy with your meal plans that I’m wondering if you have a second edition to your 30 day 1200 calorie meals/ 40/40/20 split? Thank you once again!

    1. DENISE!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I’m thrilled you’ve been able to find success!
      I keep telling people I’m working on another meal plan, and then I get overwhelmed because the first one took so long to put together. BUT, you’ve inspired me to get to work!

      Thank you!

  2. I’ve been a long time follower and have been “should-ing” on myself. I “should” have started a long time ago… but I’m creating a grocery list based on your recipes and I’m GOING to start this payday (Friday) because I have recently been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my back (hello back pain) and I KNOW losing weight will help me. You inspire me to actually stop procrastinating and get with it. As much I know it’s going to be painful, I also need to get back in the gym… this is something I plan on starting tomorrow morning.

    Thank you for being a shining light. I don’t know if you know that you are to people – but you definitely are to me!

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