25 High Protein Foods List I Eat the Most

    I got a text from a friend recently asking me for a list of high protein foods to eat. While many people are interested in ways to get more protein in their diet, this friend is pregnant with twins!

    I’m a huge fan of balance in eating from all the food groups. However, a list of protein ideas is right up there next to veggies as the food group that people struggle to get enough ideas. Fruit and grains are a cinch to eat enough of, but protein and vegetables take planning and attention!

    I do like to keep a list of high protein foods to share with people because it can be as simple as selecting something from the list for each meal. Here are my 25 favorite sources of protein in order of how often I eat them!

    The high protein food list

    If you are looking for a comprehensive printable list of high protein foods with their calories and protein grams, print this one here!

    1. Eggs (egg whites, hard boiled, scrambled, omelets. I LOVE EGGS) 1 egg, has 7 grams, but egg whites have 4 grams per egg. They can add up fast without many calories. I like to eat a full cup of egg whites for breakfast)
    2. Greek yogurt 18-25 grams per cup
    3. Cottage cheese 18-25 grams per cup
    4. Chicken breasts 4 ounces 25 grams
    5. Rotisserie chicken (already cooked for you.)
    6. Steak (4 ounces 25 grams)
    7. Almonds (6 g per ounce)
    8. Ground turkey (22 g for 4 ounces)
    9. Beans (1 cup has 15 grams)
    10. Edamame (1 cup 17 grams)
    11. Lunch meat (2 ounces, 12 grams of protein)
    12. Protein pancakes (made with egg whites, cottage cheese, and oats 31 grams of protein for the full protein pancake recipe here!)
    13. Kodiak cakes (this pancake mix is high in protein)
    14. Protein powder/ protein bars (from 10-25 g protein, depending on the brand). I have lots of recipes with protein powder like protein crepes, protein ice cream, protein fluff, and my favorite homemade protein bars.
    15. Peanut butter powder (2 tablespoons, 8 grams) I’m going to do a post soon about using this, because I’ve been loving it for a low fat, high protein snack! This is the brand I use.
    16. String cheese (6 grams per ounce)
    17. Quinoa (1 cup 8 grams)
    18. Chickpeas (roasted are the best, or blended as hummus) 1 cup has 12 grams
    19. Tuna (1 can 25 grams)
    20. Peanut butter or almond butter (8 grams for 2 tablespoons)
    21. Salmon (4 ounces has 19 grams of protein)
    22. Tilapia (4 ounces has 20 grams of protein)
    23. Pork loin (4 ounces has 23 grams of protein)
    24. High protein breads (I love this one from Franz. It has 5 grams of protein per slice)
    25. Turkey jerky (last on the list because I never eat this, but for only 1 ounces 10 grams of protein!)

    What I usually eat to get 100 grams of protein in my day.

    I recently wrote about my 1200 calorie day, and there was 116 grams of protein by the end of the day. You can see that 1200 calorie day here. But, usually, I try to get 25 grams spread out of four meals. A typical day will look like this:

    1. Eggs for breakfast (1 cup of egg whites plus one egg and toast 25 grams)
    2. Rotisserie chicken wrap (tortilla, shredded chicken 25 grams, cheese, mayo)
    3. Peanut butter and an apple (8 grams)
    4. Greek yogurt with fruit (22 grams)
    5. Stir fry (Steak and rice with veggies) 25 grams
    portion control plate breakfast
    25 high protein foods i eat the most

    Let me know what some of your favorite ways to get more protein is!

    For more high protein ideas, follow my high protein meal ideas board on Pinterest!

    Printable protein list (40 foods included)

    high protien food list with calories and grams of protein

    I have another list for you! This printable gives you ideas of foods to eat from each food group, including protein, that you can print and take to the grocery store! (Portion Plan Food List)

    Grab more free nutrition printables and worksheets here!


    • Hi
      Thanks for your blog, I love it so much. I have a question concerning people with pcos problem. I have been told to eat low carb and high protein diet. As a person who weighs 85kg currently but on a weight lose journey. I want to lose weight down to 60kg, how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fat should I be eating per day? Thank you in advance.

    • i think u said to eat 100 grams of protein a day, how many carbs a day should u eat ?

    • Thank you so much im losing weight I cant keep it on. I need to gain n i can’t do alot of food groups like dairy and some carbs. I have a hard time with hard foods like nuts and seed. Jaw replacement has affected me badly. How can I gain like 20 pounds would love some muscle. My skin looks like it is melting.

      • Hi Shelly
        To gain weight you definitely need to start eating more calories. Nuts and seeds are the best for calorically dense foods. If your jaw is too tender, I would have almond butter, peanut butter, sesame seed butter,, sunflower seed butter, or avocados. All of these would be soft enough. You could always add any of those foods to a smoothie and blend it up as well.
        Good luck to you!

    • Hi Amy,
      When you say you “eat a full cup of egg whites for breakfast” how have you cooked them? Just like scrambled eggs?
      Many thanks,


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