Easy Healthy Meal Prep for a Two Day Road Trip

    This past weekend we took a 4 hour drive to Littlefield, Arizona to run a Spartan Super 10K race. Since I’m officially on bikini prep, and we were only gone for a total of 24 hours, I wanted to bring my own meals. (check out my last bikini prep here)


    I did get a little inspiration from the road trip I took last summer (here are those meals if you missed it).

    But I didn’t want to make a special grocery trip for this trip, so I used all the food I already had in my fridge.

    meals prepped for a road trip

    Currently, I’m attempting to lean out for another Bikini show this summer. I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss from last year, with just 5lbs more. So, today, my weight was 110.

    So, while I’m not as interested in what the scale says anymore, I need to tone up to get in stage shape. I still have 10 weeks, so I can take it pretty slowly, in my opinion.

    But, that means I’m much better at meal planning, and food prepping.

    The meals I prepped for the trip included:

    • Green salad with chicken thighs and Bolthouse dressing⁠. Eating this in the car was not a big deal at all. I took the dressing on the side, and poured it over the salad when I was ready to eat. I also kept this in a cooler. If you are going to bring a salad though, do’nt forget a fork! I keep a plastic fork in my glove box for ‘just in case’. Luckily, I didn’t need it this time.
    • Rice with pork and beans.⁠ This was leftover dinner from the night before. It was shredded pork with black beans and a side of rice. I also kept this in a cooler. For some reason, I like it cold. If you only like this type of leftovers warm, you can either wait to get to the hotel and heat it up, or choose a different dinner idea.
    • Pistachios⁠ (170 calories for 1/2 cup with shells). I like these in the shell for a road trip. Pre-shelled pistachios are way too easy to overeat on calories!
    • Carrots and light laughing cow cheese⁠- One of my favorite healthy snacks of all time! I choose the light laughing cow cheese, as it’s only 30 calories. I also like the “chip” style carrots for spreading or scooping it on.
    • Built Bar Bites ( only 70 calories each) . So, there are built bars, which I love because they are between 130-170 calories for a protein bar. But, I LOVE the “bites”. These little to-go bars are only 70 calories.
    • 100 calorie Instant oatmeal⁠. This is for when I’m not on the road, and can get some hot water. Although in full disclosure, I have eaten instant oatmeal packets dry! I kind of love it. But, it’s not filling at all. So, if I can get some warm water, these packets are designed to measure the water right inside the packet. Just bring a bowl to pour it into, and a spoon!
    • the Peanut butter waffles from last weeks post and an orange.⁠ These were great for traveling! I don’t need toppings because they are pretty tasty, but you can always bring some syrup for adding later.
    • Hard boiled eggs!!⁠ (70 calories each or 15 calories for just the egg whites). I’m going to be so bold as to say, I think hard boiled eggs are nature’s most perfect portable protein food! Most of these eggs, I just ate the egg whites. I sprinkled it with sodium free salt, because I’m trying to cut back on salt! My weight has been a bit unpredictable, and when I control for salt, it’s more predictable, meaning, I don’t gain 4lbs over night!

    This turned out to be the perfect amount of food. I also ate Honey Stinger Wafers after the run. All of the meals, except for the oats, I actually ate in the car! So, these truly are my road trip meals!

    meals I prepped and ate on the road
    meals prepped for a road trip

    Road trip meal Ideas

    The meals I ate on our most recent two day road trip! Healthy, high protein, and low calorie.
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    Course: Breakfast, lunch, Main Course, Snack
    Cuisine: American
    Diet: Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Salt
    Keyword: healthy road trip, road trip meals
    Prep Time: 20 minutes
    Servings: 1 serving
    Author: Amy Roskelley


    • 1/2 cup pistachios in the shell
    • 4 ounces carrot chips
    • 1 wedge light laughing cow cheese
    • 6 small Built bar Bites *code HEALTHBEET for 10% off
    • 1 medium dinner, shredded pork, black beans, rice
    • 2 tablespoon Bolthouse ranch dressing
    • 4 ounces chicken thighs and green salad
    • 4 small Banana Peanut butter chocolate waffles
    • 1 medium orange
    • 1 packet 100 calorie instant oatmeal
    • 7 medium hard boiled eggs


    • Hard boil the eggs.
    • Cook pork, rice, and black beans.
    • Cook chicken thighs and assemble a green salad.
    • Cook mini waffles ahead of time.
    Healthy meals for a road trip

    And, as PS!! I got third place in my age group! It’s so crazy, but the older I get, the fitter I get!

    spartan results for amy roskelley


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