High Protein Pink Cottage Cheese Salad

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Packed with protein, this pink cottage cheese salad can be part of your diet any time of year! Made with cottage cheese, strawberries and sugar free Jello, you can always have a delicious side to your meal.

I grew up on a fruit salad my mom used to make that was simply cool whip plus a can of fruit cocktail. I can still remember how much I loved it! As a mom I have made it a few times, but my kids haven’t really taken to it the way I did, so I don’t make it often.

My husbands family on the other hand, grew up on “pink salad”. Generally, it’s like an ambrosia salad, complete with marshmallows and Cool Whip.

Honestly, just taking the cottage cheese and strawberries, than swapping Jello for sugar free Jello, does not compromise on the taste of this classic at all. In fact, I think it tastes better, AND, I feel good about eating this Pink Cottage cheese salad for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! I had it this morning with some low calorie pancakes, and my entire meal was under 250 calories!

high protein pink cottage cheese salad with strawberries
High protein pink cottage cheese salad

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What is in Protein Packed Cottage Cheese Salad?

3 ingredients in ANY AMOUNT, makes this healthy version of cottage cheese salad. I used:
♥️ Cottage cheese
♥️ Strawberries
♥️ Sugar free strawberry Jello packet (powder only)

Some recipes that I share, I will tell you… “Eat this alone if you are on a diet. It’s good for you. But I probably wouldn’t take it to a potluck.”

This pink salad is different! I would 100% take this to a dinner party, and I did last night!! Sooooooo tasty!

As I mentioned, you can actually mix this up with any amount of cottage cheese, strawberries and fruit. But to make just one serving, and to calculate the nutrition for one serving, I made it from 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1/2 cup chopped strawberries, and just a sprinkle of the Sugar free Jello packet. For a single serving of this pink cottage cheese salad, I got 106 calories and 15 grams of protein.

high protein pink salad with strawberries

High Protein Pink Salad

This yummy high protein healthy pink salad is perfect for anytime of day.
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Course: Salad
Cuisine: American
Keyword: high protein
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 serving
Calories: 106cal
Author: Amy Roskelley
Cost: 1.00


  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese low fat
  • 1/2 cup strawberries sliced
  • 1 small Strawberry sugar free Jello packet


  • Stir the cottage cheese, strawberries, and strawberry jello packet together in a bowl.
  • Chill until ready to eat.


106 calories, 15 g protein 9 g carbs, 1 g fat


Calories: 106cal
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So, I’d love to hear if you try this pink cottage cheese salad! It definitely can fit into any macro plan or bikini prep! Plus, the variations on this could be endless. Different fruit and different Jello flavors can have a completely new taste!

high protein pink salad with nutrition info
Healthy Pink Cottage Cheese Salad

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  1. 5 stars
    I mix ff cottage cheese with Wild Cherry Mio energy water drops and it tastes so good. You can add cherries or fruit but I love it with just the two ingredients. So fast and easy. Tastes like a cherry fluff dessert <3

  2. 5 stars
    We love this salad, our favorite is peach jello with blueberries. I use 32 oz. cottage cheese,
    one small jello package and I make my own whipped cream, one cup.

  3. We have been enjoying this salad for months now and especially nice in the summer.
    Our favorite is peach jello with blueberries but we love all different combinations.
    I use 32 oz. Cottage cheese, one small jello and I make my own whipped cream using 1 cup heavy cream.

  4. 1 star
    I’m sorry, but this t wasn’t good as all made like the recipe called for. 4 packages of jello mix seems like way too much-but it was also very grainy.

  5. 3 stars
    I used this recipe as inspiration for my Strawberry protein fluff but mine is quite different… the cottage cheese to jello ratio was way too low for me as written and was WAY too sweet… These are my ratios:
    (Makes 4 servings)
    24oz Non-Fat Cottage Cheese
    0.3oz Sugar-free Strawberry Jello
    1lb Strawberries
    4oz Fat-Free Cool Whip
    1oz Chopped Pistachios
    I mix just the cottage cheese and jello and leave that in the fridge then I top 1/4th of that mixture with 1oz Cool Whip and 4oz of sliced/diced strawberries and 7g of chopped pistachios and it is absolutely to die for.
    Macros for 1 serving of my version:
    23P | 30C | 10F

    1. My appologies… I forgot I had made an adjustment to my recipe previously to add more pistachios when I needed some more fats in my macros for a week. The correct macro/calorie count for the recipe as listed above is:
      22P | 28C | 7F

  6. If I make the bigger recipe and use for breakfast will ir still be good a couple days later? Like when I make fridge oats, I make enough for 4 days. Could these be stored in the fridge that long?

  7. 5 stars
    I do 1 small pkg of sugar free jello to an 8 oz carton of small curd cottage cheese. I usually add about 3/4 cup (max) of fruit and an 8 oz container of sugar free Cool Whip. My variations besides this strawberry version include: Peach Sugar Free Jello with diced peaches; Orange Sugar Free Jello with mandarin oranges. You can make it with any jello combination and any fruit; it is very good. My husband detests cottage cheese and yet he loves this.

    1. Yes. That is “Pink Salad.” We’ve made it in our family as long as anyone can remember and it ALWAYS has cool whip. Most people have never even heard of it. This recipe is more a cottage cheese and fruit.

  8. I think this would be good with some walnuts added. Also I think you could replace the strawberries with raspberries too. My mom used to make this in the less light version. I like your take on it!

    1. 5 stars
      I have been making this for years but swapping out the jello for liquid crystal light. I adjust the flavours and the fruit to what is in season. I also add a Tbsp of chia seeds for some extra fibre and healthy fats. My favourite combo right now is the pineapple coconut crystal light with fresh blueberries. So easy, so healthy and so yummy.

      1. Shut the front door!!! I’m going to do this right now! I just added crystal light to yogurt and it was DIVINE. But, I must find the pineapple coconut. I haven’t seen that one.
        Thanks for the ideas!

    1. This is a very forgiving recipe, and honestly, any amount would work just fine! You could probably get away with two small packets (envelopes) or 1 large box of Jello powder to 2 cups cottage cheese.
      Otherwise, scaling this exact recipe, you are correct.. although I think you could get away with a LOT less Jello powder and it would be good.

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