Mindful Eating and The Joy of Half a Cookie {Day 11}

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Day 11 of my weight loss journal, 1500 calories. Nothing is off limits, but you can make a better choice of whether it will fit in your calorie budget, by KNOWING how much it costs!. (See the other days in this weight loss journal here)

Day 11 the Joy of Half a Cookie b

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Day 11: 115.8 lbs

Ok, ok. I’m pretty happy with the scale and the pace of my weight loss. I really think my body is figuring out that I am willing to be consistent and patient! 115.8 lbs this morning!

One of the books that was pivotal in finally helping me lose weight was called, “The Joy of Half a Cookie“, Using Mindfulness to Lose Weight, by Jean Kristeller PhD.. *(which I loaned to someone and they never returned!! Boo).

The author was the first person I had come across that combines mindful eating with PROPER eating, and calorie awareness. Her example which totally resonated with me, is that when you are on a budget, you at least LOOK at the price tag on something! It’s not off limits, but you can make a better choice of whether it will fit in your budget, by KNOWING how much it costs!


On Monday’s, I’ve been buying Crumbl Cookies to take photos of. This post about the Crumbl Cookie and their calories and macros gives me so much traffic to my blog, that I like to keep it fresh and updated each week with the new cookies.

Knowing I want to be 100% this month in my attempt to lose weight without going below (or above) 1500 calories, I didn’t eat try any of the cookies.

Thinking back to the part of the book, The Joy of Half a Cookie, knowing how much it will cost me, I mindfully decided not to eat one. Some days I will eat half, or a quarter of a cookie, and it doesn’t ruin my day. It costs less than 200 calories to have 1/4 and if I enjoy the HECK out of it, it’s sometimes worth it.

But I also know the cookies will be there next week, next month, and even next year. I’m NOT missing out by saying no to a cookie, or saying yes to a quarter of a cookie.

weight loss tips- nothing is off limits but you can make a better choice knowing the cost

My Meals

I think yesterday was great! I had my typical meals.

  • Eggs and oatmeal
  • Green salad with chicken thighs and corn
  • Protein shake (with strawberries and banana)
  • and Ground turkey with broccoli, onions, and carrots.

For a total of : 1525 calories, 150g protein, 125 g carbs, and 42 g of fat.

My Workout

This morning had a shoulder workout. I didn’t sleep very well last night, so it was kind of low effort. And I ran 3 miles on the treadmill.

That’s it for today.

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Day 11 the Joy of Half a cookie weight loss journal

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