My Healthy Grocery List for Weight Loss {with Printable PDF}

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The list for the groceries I have on hand at all times to stick to my low calorie, high protein, weight loss plan.


For the last two years, I’ve been buying the same foods over and over. Not only have these groceries been my go-to, staple items on my shopping list, but almost ALL the recipes on this blog have some sort of combination of the following foods.

A grocery list is a personal thing. My favorite foods might not be your favorite foods. And some people might get tired of the same foods day in and day out. But, with these groceries, I can guarantee you, I can make a million different recipes.

There’s a lot more variety than meets the eye!

Every day, I eat some sort of combination of these meals that have been critical in my weight loss (and bikini prep) journey.

My Daily Meals

  • Breakfast: Eggs and oatmeal or fruit
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken and grain or sweet potato
  • Snack/Dessert: A protein bar, shake, or treat.
  • Dinner: Protein (ground turkey or chicken) with rice and veggies

So, print this healthy grocery list for yourself, and make sure the next time you go shopping that you pick up some of the things on this shopping list!

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Healthy Grocery List Printable


Egg whitesBananasBroccoliSugar free G Hughes sauces
EggsApplesCarrotsFeast Mode seasonings (low sodium)
Chicken Tenders or BreastsBerries, in seasonCucumbersCourse salt or iodized salt
chicken thighsRiceLettuceBolthouse ranch dressing
Ground TurkeyOatmealTomatoesSugar free pudding mix
Turkey BaconRice CakesBell PeppersLight Cream cheese
TilapiaThin sliced Dave’s Killer BreadRiced cauliflowerWhipped Cream
Protein Powder My current favorites here.Mayas 80 calorie flour tortillasAvocadoButter flavored cooking spray
Nonfat plain Greek YogurtSweet Potatoesmushrooms
Built BarsZucchiniOnions
Low calorie cheese (thin sliced or fat free)Spaghetti squash
TunaWatermelon (in season)Asparagus (when it’s cheap)Sugar free chocolate chips
Canned chickenOranges (in season)Canned green beansSoy sauce
Peanut butter powderThin sliced bagelsLight mayo
MilkPineapple (in season)Sugar free maple syrup
Black beansSelf rising flour (for recipes)Spaghetti sauce
Corn on the cob (in season)

Weight loss is just around the corner when you have a healthy grocery list.

Grocery list for weight loss free pdf

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  1. You’re so incredibly inspirational! May I ask what protein powder you use for the following: Dessert

    360 Calories, 36 g protein, 49 g carbs, 3 g fat

    1 1/2 scoops protein powder
    3/4 cup frozen raspberries
    1 frozen banana
    2 tablespoons whipped cream
    1 maraschino cherry

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