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If you are looking for ideas for a healthy Halloween care package that doesn’t include junk food, you came to the right place! I made this box for my college age daughter who is currently an LDS missionary serving in Texas!

It’s so easy to make a care package for your college age kids or LDS missionary that is full of candy and other treats. Preparing a healthy care package on the other hand is not so easy.

My daughter is serving a mission for our church in Houston, Texas right now, and this is her first Halloween away.

lds sister missionary halloween care package

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There are two reasons I wanted to make a care package that didn’t have Halloween candy or treats:

  1. She already has plenty of food! The members in her congregation are so generous and bring them food, take them out to eat, and feed them meals in their homes.
  2. Second, because I’m a health blogger! I feel like I have a reputation as the “healthy mom”, and I just can’t disappoint anyone by sending junk food! haha! It’s not that we don’t have treats in our house. I love to bake, and I just bought the Costco size bag of trick-or-treat candy. But, if I can turn something like a Halloween box into something healthy, I’m going to do it! (read my LDS quotes on health!)

What’s in the Halloween Package?

So, this care package actually took me quite a while to put together. I was casually looking for specific things that would fit some ideas I had, and I just wasn’t seeing anything that got me excited.

So, instead, I went the other way with it. I grabbed random things from the store, and then tried to create a tag or pun that would match the item I bought.

So, these are the items I came up with for a care package that was healthy, festive for Halloween and fun at the same time.

healthy halloween care package for college or adult child

The Halloween Box {Decorating it}

I started with some box size Halloween Stickers, that were made for care packages. I have a neighbor who bought some Holiday stickers for missionary care packages. She didn’t need them anymore, so she gave them to me!

The stickers from Paper Paisley fit a large USPS Flat rate box perfectly. The site has lots of cute Halloween stickers to easily decorate a box.

Paper paisley halloween box

The Printable Halloween Gift Tags {Puns and Sayings}

Creating the gift tags was the fun (and hard) part. These are the sayings I found or came up with: (Print the tags all here)

non food halloween tags puns and sayings

The Healthy Halloween Gifts

Trick or Treat Yo Self

  1. When you have a boo-boo (the gift is a box of band-aids)
  2. I be-leaf you are Beautiful (I found some hot pads with fall leaves on them. Anything with a leaf print would work here)
Healthy halloween care package with printable tags idea 1 and 2
  1. Give Em Pumpkin to Talk about (I found some pumpkin themed paper plates and napkins at Walmart.
  2. Looking Fab-Boo-Lous. Getting Quaran-clean! I got loofah’s for this. Originally, I was going to put googly eyes on white loofah’s and make them look like ghosts, but Walmart only had one white one, and I forgot to buy the googly eyes. haha.
healthy halloween care package ideas 3 and 4 loofah and pumpkin plates puns
  1. Eat Drink and Be Scary– I just got some cheap plastic Halloween cups at Walmart, but here’s an option from Amazon)
  2. Trick or Treat, Don’t smell my feet. I thought this was clever! I put this one with 2 Air fresheners. One pumpkin scent, and one apple scent.
Healthy halloween care package ideas 5 and 6 air freshner and cups trick or treat yourself
  1. Hands down, we miss you! I put some pumpkin scented hand lotion with this.
pampering Halloween care package for sister missionaries or college student

Other ideas for the Halloween tags, puns and sayings.

While brainstorming for this, here were some other Halloween tag ideas and puns I liked but couldn’t decide how to use them.

  1. Gourd up your loins (especially cute for missionaries)
  2. I will go, I will boo (missionaries!)
  3. Feeling the spirit
  4. I be-leaf

Other Halloween themed words with gift ideas:

  1. Hairy Toad (hair stuff)
  2. Witches fingers (nail polish)
  3. Scare spray (hair spray)
  4. Scary shadows (eye shadow)
  5. Cauldron cider (packets of apple cider)
  6. Bones (calcium chews)
  7. Mummy wraps (Toilet paper)

And that’s it!! If you are sending to an LDS missionary, buy two of everything to share with your child’s companion as well!

Here’s your complete care package shopping list:

  1. A large USPS flat rate box. (free on USPS)
  2. Halloween stickers (box stickers from Paper Paisley) $6.99
  3. Cardstock to print the Halloween gift tags. (print two if you are sending to a missionary so the companion also gets everything)
  4. Band-aids, (any size box)
  5. Something with a leaf print, (I bought Fall hot pads from Walmart, but here are some from Amazon.)
  6. Paper plates and napkins with a pumpkin on it (or anything with a pumpkin). I got mine for $1.00 at Walmart, but these Amazon ones are cuter!)
  7. A loofah (1.57 at Walmart)
  8. Plastic Halloween cups ($1.00 at Walmart)
  9. Plug in air freshener (pumpkin spice and/or apple)
  10. Pumpkin scented hand lotion.

Let me know if you make a Halloween care package for your college age kids and tag me in your posts! #healthbeet.

Halloween care package ideas for adult kids college kids and missionaries

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