20 Minute Protein Prep with Meal Ideas

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Getting my proteins prepped is always the first step in jump starting a weight loss phase for me. Without proteins ready to eat, it’s extremely difficult for me to stay on track. So, here we go! My proteins prepped in 20 minutes and how I used them.

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proteins prepped for weight loss

I’m always trying to be transparent with you all, so I have to share that I’ve been struggling! It’s hard to pinpoint why motivation comes and goes for me. Having a bikini show as a target for losing weight and getting lean and strong seems to work for me for some reason. BUT, I want to be able to maintain my weight loss without a show on the horizon. I don’t want to have to sign up for a bikini show every year just to keep the weight off.

And, I can promise you, I’m not being unrealistic. In fact, my goal has never been to be as lean as I am on the stage. But what I do want is to not hate photos and videos taken of me, and be able to fit into my dang clothes. There’s nothing worse than tight fitting jeans that you can’t zip up. There’s also no better feeling in my mind of being able to shop for clothes and have EVERYTHING fit!

And as it goes, if I’m not actively in “weight loss mode”, I seem to be able to gain weight indefinitely. Many of you have asked me about weight maintenance, but I have yet to figure that out. But, I’m trying!

Anyway, enough of my ranting. I’m taking back control, and attempting a moderate level of discipline. And the first step for me is always to have these proteins prepped and ready to go!

Why a High Protein Diet helps me with weight loss

Before I attempted a high protein diet, I was VERY food focused. And even now, when I allow an excess amount of carbs into my day, I find myself grazing on food or eating 4 slices of toast before 10am. I’m always thinking about my next meal.

But “protein focused” takes that away. And, it was confirmed by a study I found fascinating, exploring the protein leverage hypothesis.

The protein leverage hypothesis is that you will keep eating food until a protein threshold is met. According to Wikipedia:

Their experiments have showed that those who aren’t getting enough protein in their diet will continue to be hungry, even when their overall caloric intake is high. “Protein decoys”, such as ultra processed savory foods that contain little protein (e,g, barbecue chips), are likely to be attractive and to result in overeating.


So, quite literally, we will eat more calories overall if protein limits aren’t met for the day. And I have found this to be 100% true in my dieting experience. (see the high protein foods I eat the most here).

My 20 minute protein prep video

So, with that said, take a look at my most recent YouTube video, my 20 minute protein prep!

I prepped in this video:

  • Chicken breasts
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Tilapia
  • and ground turkey

The meals I ate after with these prepped proteins.

For lunch, with these prepped proteins, I ate:

  1. Green salad with chicken breasts, hard boiled eggs, carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and Bolthouse Dressing
  2. Sweet green salad with chicken breasts, raspberries, blueberries, pecans, lettuce and skinnygirl Poppyseed dressing.
  3. Chicken breasts mixed with Rojo’s Street Corn dip (from Costco), on a bed of lettuce!
  4. Chicken breasts mixed with light mayo, and wrapped in lettuce.
high protein meal ideas from prepped food

And for dinner’s, I used the prepped proteins for meals 5-8

  1. Ground turkey with cheese, fat free sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce and a tortilla.
  2. Chicken breasts mixed with light mayo and fat free sour cream on a tortilla
  3. Ground turkey with mushrooms, cabbage and cheese (YUM!! This one was so tasty!)
  4. Tilapia with chopped sweet potato and asparagus.
  5. As a bonus: Hard boiled eggs for snacking!
High protein prep and meal ideas 2

Hope you find some good ideas, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!!

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20 minute protein prep and meals to make


  1. Amy, you are a magician, this is fantastically beautiful and very conveniently photographed and divided into portions)

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