9 Portable Protein Snacks To Take On The Go

A mid-afternoon snack can be just what you need to get you through till dinner. Here’s my favorite Portable protein snack ideas that will keep you satisfied through the afternoon.

Eating three meals and one snack or high protein treat during the day can help you stick to your weight loss program.

Everyone needs a snack in their life. Portable snacks can help when we have a quick break from running errands, work or even school. We all know that some snacks are better for you than others, but what makes a specific snack better than another?

4 Reasons High Protein Snacks are Good For You

Something that I have found is foods that are high in protein make better snacks and here is why:

  1. High protein snacks helps you feel full longer
  2. Build lean muscle
  3. Maintain a healthy weight
  4. Muscle recovery

As a result, we can understand a little bit more of why certain snacks are better than others.

Which high protein snacks do we recommend?

Below are a few snacks that I have found that are high in protein, low carbohydrates and full of healthy fats, but all of which still taste delicious.

blue diamond almonds
1) Small bag of almonds
100 Calories,
3g Proteins, 6g Carbs, 8g Fat

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Greek yogurt light and fit
2) Light Greek Yogurt.
80 Calories,
12g Proteins, 9g Carbs, 0g Fat
string cheese
3) String cheese
80 Calories,
6g Proteins,
1g Carbs, 6g Fat
Tillamook beef jerky
4) Zero sugar Beef Jerky
70 Calories,
14g Proteins, 0g Carbs, 1.5g Fat
sabra hummus
5) Hummus
370 Calories,
10g Proteins,
40g Carbs, 19g Fat
nature valley protein granola bars
6) High protein granola bars
200 Calories,
10g Proteins, 15g Carbs, 12g Fat
7) Single serving peanut butter
250 Calories
9g Protein, 11 g Carbs 21g Fat
Hard boiled eggs
8) Hard Boiled Eggs
60 Calories,
6g Protein, 0g Carbs,
4g Fat
high protein snack trail mix
9) Trail Mix.
140 Calories, 4g Protein, 14g Carbs, 9g Fat

Each of these snacks can be adjusted according to your needs or wants, and there are hundreds more (don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more suggestions).

For example, it’s always nice to dip something like apples in peanut butter or even pretzels. I hate having to buy my own trail mix, so I make my own with all the ingredients that I love. There are hundreds of different protein bars, get one that suits your needs, just be sure that it has a good amount of protein.

In the end, don’t forget, next time you are running around and needing a snack remember high in protein is best!

What are some of your favorite high protein portable snacks?

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9 portable protein snack ideas to eat on the go

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