Guilt-free, Healthy, Low Calorie Snacks

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I have a list of the BEST Low calorie snacks that will help you stick to weight loss, even when you need a snack!

While in an ideal environment, simply avoiding snacking is one of the easiest and best ways to lose weight. I will always stand by this strategy, and how it was one of the things that helped me to lose weight. (read my weight loss story here)

But these are different times! Home isolation and social distancing has made snacking incredibly difficult to avoid in everyone’s home right now. Being in the kitchen all day, working from home, and not going out leaves us wanting to snack now more than ever.

It’s in fact, eating all your food during quarantine is so common, that I’ve been seeing the funniest memes about snacking at home, like this one:

my summer body will be postponed meme

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So, I wanted to make this list of my favorite low calorie snacks that have few to no calories. These snacks have helped me get through many long and boring days.

Having this list helps so when I’m eating out of boredom, it won’t be so damaging to my weight loss progress! (I’m still in bikini prep!)

WARNING: There are low calorie processed foods that I have not been able to eat. I have come to suspect anything with fake fibers and sugar alcohols like chicory root, maltitol, mannitol, erythritol, and carrageenen wreak havoc with my digestion!! The more protein bars and diet products I ate, the worse my stomach cramping would get. But, it’s fine! I just need to stick to whole foods and I feel amazing. (and for the record, Fiber One bars are the WORST!)

So, these are the low calorie snacks I’ve been eating when I’m bored, isolated, and want to eat for reasons OTHER than hunger!

Snack ideas low in calorie carrots yogurt eggs popcorn

The best low calorie snacks list

  1. Carrots with light laughing cow cheese (42 calories)
  2. Sugar free jello (a very low, 10 calories)
  3. Rice cakes (35 calories)
  4. Frozen berries (70 calories)
  5. Plain non-fat Greek yogurt with peanut butter powder (100 calories)
  6. Cucumbers with balsamic vinegar and salt (20 calories)
  7. Pickles (0 calories)
  8. Puffed cereal (50 calories)
  9. Peanut butter powder on rice cake (100 calories)
  10. Applesauce (50 calories)
  11. Hard boiled eggs or deviled eggs (70 calories)
  12. Frozen grapes (50 calories)
  13. Mandarin oranges (cuties) (40 calories)
  14. String cheese (80 calories)
  15. Single serving popcorn bags (100 calories)
  16. Lunch meat (70 calories)

This will be a living list, meaning as I think of new low calorie snacks, or add some to my rotation, I’ll come back here and add them! Check back often. If you have some low calorie snacks you like, share them in the comments!

And to lighten the mood – some of my favorite food memes shared during the 2020 social isolation!

Me after i eat all of my quarantine snacks in one night meme
when you see your child open the pantry for the 3rd time today meme
Quarantine meal schedule
yoda i already ate my quarantine snacks meme
I done ate 22 times and took 13 naps and its still today meme
school is cancelled kids has can i have a snack
self Isolation i'm the only snack left meme
social distancing fridge meme
dear netflix quarantine meme
when swimsuit season hits remember the gyms were closed
quarantine meme i ate 11 times and it's still today
try on your jeans during quarantine
People who are quarantining in jean
eating 50000 calories by 2pm
wearing a mask inside your home meme
low calorie snacks when you are home all day and just want to eat

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