Christine’s 50 lb Weight Loss Success Story

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Long term, successful weight loss is possible without eliminating food groups! You can lose weight and still enjoy your favorite foods.  Tracking and counting calories is key!

I’m so excited to share some weight loss success stories with you, starting today!

Meet Christine from Run Wine Finish Lines. Christine lost over 50 lbs by fixing her relationship with food, and eating a balanced diet. She even eats dessert every day! Christine succesfully lost weight by tracking her food and controlling calories.

As soon as Christine responded to my inquiry for weight loss success stories, I immediately connected with her! We both share a love of running and have been running at our heavy weights and our leanest! I hope to meet her at a race some day! {read my article “Why I run and it’s not about weight loss!}

Read her tips and strategies for how she fixed her relationship with food and lost 50 LBS!

Christine’s Weight Loss Journey & Tips

Weight loss motivation story

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How much weight have you lost on your weight loss journey?

While this fluctuates 2-3 lbs depending on the day, I have lost over 50 lbs. However, I think the “mental weight” that I lost is the true measure of success for me.

Was there a turning point for you that sparked your desire to lose weight?

Absolutely, I crossed the finish line of the London Marathon at my heaviest weight of 215 lbs. It was the hardest marathon I ever ran because of the weight and I knew that I had to make a life-long sustainable change for myself as I could no longer try to outrun a bad diet. Once I got back stateside, I went back to what I “knew” which was over-restrict and over-exercise which would lead to over-eating. Then I broke my foot by dropping a metal desk on it and it forced me to look at my relationship with food and fitness completely differently.

What lifestyle changes did you make to lose weight?

This is an interesting one because I did the opposite of what most people would say to do. I didn’t start a new diet or a new exercise program. I sat down and started to really research, read, and work through my relationship with food. Why did I yo-yo diet? Why did I gravitate toward food after a long stressful day? Why was it hard for me to have cookies and cake in the house without binging on them? I discovered that I had to tackle and process my emotional tie to food very differently. I learned to speak up for myself, journal, found a fantastic therapist, started an accountability group that helped me discuss my emotional stressors in a healthy way. All of these things helped me work on resolving some stressors that I was ignoring and lead to a much healthier relationship with food. I did some of the “traditional stuff” in that I started to plan my meals, drink more water, learned portions by weighing and calorie counting, but I used those as guides. I believe that the mental and emotional work that I did was the true “magic sauce”.

What types of food did you eat while you were losing weight?

Everything. I can’t think of one thing that I made “off-limits”. I tend to not be super hungry in the morning so I’ll usually grab a protein bar or boiled eggs, with a piece of fruit and cheese. Lunch is anything from leftovers to Everything but the kitchen sink huge salads (no sad lettuce salads for me), snacks are greek yogurt, nuts, fruit, veggies, cheese, etc. Dinner is anything from chicken quinoa chili to pizza to grilled chicken and veggies. Depends on the day and what my body is craving and/or needs. One thing is constant. I knew early on that I wanted this to be sustainable for the rest of my life. For me that means dessert and I have it daily. Generally, dark chocolate with fruit and nuts, but lately I have been on a peppermint ice cream kick.

Do you track your food?

I found that weighing/measuring my food with a digital scale helped me understand food portions as I had wildly overestimated how much food my body really needed. I plan and track my food now on Myfitnesspal, but am in a “maintenance” calorie range of 1900-2200 calories per day, depending on my activity level. I’m not currently training for anything so that calorie range works for me right now. I tend to use an intuitive approach to food and listen to my cravings, but I like to track my food as it helps me to analyze the “data” for better athletic performance or it helps me to see trends.

Did you take any supplements during weight loss or now?

I take magnesium, zinc, Vitamin D multi-type vitamin, but that’s it.

How much exercise did you do?

So I think I should say, I exercised at 215 and I exercise now at 162. I am a Level 1 RRCA run coach so running is my jam, I strength train 2-3 x per week with free weights, and I try to walk every day to combat the time I spend at the desk. I am a huge advocate for fitness for everyone as it does help with mental health, sleep, higher immunity response, mental clarity, confidence, and health. However, I caution people from over-exercising as a method for sustainable weight loss, but at the same time strongly recommend exercise as a great motivator to keep you healthy and help you make better food choices.

What was your “why” to keep going when it got hard?

I was determined to be a “normal” eater. Meaning I wanted to be someone that didn’t turn to food to overcome stress or emotions. I wanted to make this a sustainable, do this for the rest of my life habit, and I knew I deserved to take impeccable care of myself both emotionally and physically by continuing to work on having a life that I could embrace. My mother passed from ALS a few years back and my father has had several heart attacks and strokes. I don’t know what my genes may have in store for my future, but I sure as hell am going to make sure I have the best quality of life possible and sustainable weight loss and fitness gives me a running headstart.

How can people follow you and your journey?

Instagram: @runwinefinishlines or sign up to K.I.S.S. Keep it Super Simple for sustainable weight-loss.

weight loss motivation

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Weight Loss motivation story- Christine

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