12 Healthy Christmas Cookies you can make this holiday


Need some healthy Christmas cookies to bring to your next holiday party? These cookies are not only delicious, but also good for you.

The holidays are officially here! It’s mid-November, and I’m already thinking about the Sunday afternoons spent in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies with my family.

I get so much joy out of making treats for holiday parties and neighbor gifts. But, at the same time, I don’t want to eat cookies and feel sick after. That’s why, HEALTHY Christmas cookies are my solution! (check out 7 ways to not overeat this holiday season!)

Here’s my 12 favorite cookies to make for the holidays!

  1. Vegan Ginger cookies , from This Healthy Kitchen. At 119 calories per cookie, these vegan ginger cookies are so yummy! Made with Oat flour, applesauce, and rich molasses, these cookies are soft and chewy, just like a ginger cookie should be. Bring these to your next holiday party!
  2. Gluten free shortbread cookies, from Wholesome Yum With 1 net carb, these almond flour cookies are gluten free and 124 calories per cookie.
  3. Eggless white chocolate red velvet cookies by Amy’s Healthy Baking. These rich red colored, red velvet cookies are so festive on a Christmas goodies tray.
  4. Gluten free sugar cookies from Eating Bird Food. At 164 calories, these gluten free sugar cookies are made from coconut flour. These would be fabulous to share at a Christmas party if you have guests who are gluten free.
Healthy Christmas cookies 1-4
  1. Paleo Hot Cocoa Cookies by Fit Foodie Finds. Have you heard of Christmas Hot Cocoa cookies? Sweetened only with coconut sugar, these paleo, gluten free hot cocoa cookies are 252 calories each (but that includes 2 tablespoons of dough and the frosting!)
  2. Healthy Gingerbread cookies by Leelalicious. Gingerbread cookies are a Christmas season classic. So, to find a recipe for cutout gingerbread, that’s also Paleo and gluten free is a win-win. Each gingerbread man is 121 calories.
  3. Protein snickerdoodles by Ladyboss. You know I love a cookie that includes protein powder, so I was immediately excited to try these protein snickerdoodles.
  4. Paleo Sugar Cookies by Cottercrunch. With coconut sugar and almond flour, these sugar & spice cookies are gluten free as well! Definitely a holiday party favorite.
Healthy Christmas cookies 5-8
  1. Almond cookies 2 ingredients, WHAT?? You’ve got to check out these almond cookies by Green Healthy Cooking! Chances are, you have both ingredients, so you can make these all season long.
  2. Andes Mint Cookies by Well Plated. If Andes Mints remind you of Christmas, than you’ll love these Mint cookies. With 128 calories per cookie, and whole wheat white flour, these cookies are a treat!
  3. Spritz Christmas cookies by Paleo Running Mama I have love making holiday shapes out of a spritz cookie press since I was young! I also love the taste! These cookies are small, but so yummy! With maple syrup, almond flour, and coconut flour, these spritz cookies are only 53 calories each.
  4. Low Calorie coconut Macaroons by Health Beet– that’s me! Only 62 calories, and low delicious, coconut macaroons are a Christmas favorite.
Healthy christmas cookies 9-12

And that’s the list of 12 Healthy Christmas Holiday cookies! Do you have a favorite cookie recipe you love to make for the holidays?


12 Healthy Christmas Cookies

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