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Are you looking for an easy meal plan that promotes weight loss but doesn’t cut all your favorite foods? This Mediterranean diet can do just that and I want to share with you some of my favorite weekday recipes that help with just that.

What is the Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss?

We have all heard about the Mediterranean diet, is it just another one of those quick fix diets that you forget about in 4 weeks? I dare say that the Mediterranean diet is one diet plan that is a crowd favorite because essentially it isn’t a “diet” but a way of life. So, with that being said, what is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet originates from the traditional Cuisines of Greece, Italy, and other countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. It is focused on plant-based foods, such as whole grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. It also focuses on lean proteins, healthy fats, and fish. For this diet, the main source of fat is Olive oil.

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Olive oil is considered a healthy fat due to the monounsaturated fats that it contains. A monounsaturated fat, lowers your total cholesterol and Low-density lipoprotein (LDL’s or bad cholesterol). Other healthy fats that the diet includes are fatty fish, such as albacore tuna, salmon, herring and sardines. These fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help fight against inflammation.

Foods that are consumed occasionally on the Mediterranean diet are Red meats and sweets.

Lastly, the Mediterranean diet is most famous for its different health benefits. Some of these benefits include decreasing the risk of heart disease by lowering LDL’s and overall heart health. It has shown to lower the likelihood of certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.  Evidence also suggestions that it may offer some protection from type 2 diabetes, blood sugar levels, and weight gain.  (source)

The 7 Day Mediterranean Diet Plan for weight loss

Mediterranean Meal Plan: Day 1 (1265 Calories)

  • Breakfast: 1 Light n’ Fit Greek yogurt, ¼ c. Granola, 1 piece of fruit, 1 c. 1% Milk (409 Calories)
  • Snack: ¼  c. Almonds (133 Calories)
  • Lunch:  Tuna on a piece of whole grain bread topped with 2 oz. of pepper jack cheese (270 Calories)
  • Dinner:  3 oz Baked Salmon with a side of rice pilaf (380 Calories)
  • Snack: ½ C. Pomegranates (72 Calories)  

Check out my post for low calorie bread options to go along with lunch.

mediterranean diet day 1

Mediterranean Diet Plan: Day 2 (1255 Calories)

  • Breakfast: Whole grain toast, 1 egg and ½ Roma tomato 1 T Olive Oil butter (298 Calories)
  • Snack: Oven Roasted Chickpeas: ½ C. chickpeas, drained and topped with 2 tsp. Olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. Roasted at 450 for10- 15 minutes (142 Calories)
  • Lunch: 3 Bean Salad, (280 Calories)
  • Dinner: 6 oz of Halibut, 1/8 c. panko crumbs, 1/8 c. coconut flakes, seasoned with a dash of salt, pepper, paprika and parsley. Served with 2 cups of spinach, ¼ c. of quinoa and 2 T. Vinaigrette (450 Calories)
  • Snack: 1 Pear (86 Calories)  

Are you loving the Mediterranean diet yet? Only 2 days in but WOW so tasty!

mediterranean diet day 2

Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Plan: Day 3 (1249 Calories)

  • Breakfast: 1 C. Oatmeal with a drizzle of honey  and ¼ c. Walnuts (255 Calories)
  • Snack: ½ Avocado with salt and pepper on 1 slice whole grain toast (197 Calories)
  • Lunch: Chickpea Salad, ½ C. Chickpeas, 2 tsp. olive oil, ¼ c. yellow onion chopped, ½  c. Bell Pepper chopped, 1 T. sliced black olives, a dash of pepper and ½ T white vinegar over your favorite lettuce mixture.  1 Whole wheat toast (331 Calories)
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken Kabobs: 6 ounces chicken cubed, ½ bell pepper cubed, ½ onion cubed 8 cherry tomatoes. Season the meat and vegetables with olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano. Stack each on a kabob alternating. Serve on a whole grain pita pocket, with 2 T. Hummus (424 Calories)
  • Snack: 1 Frozen Fruit Popsicle  (40 Calories)

If you want your chicken kabobs to be extra juicy, try using this chicken brine!

mediterranean diet day 3

Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss: Day 4 (1277 Calories)

  • Breakfast: ½ Avocado with 1 slice whole grain toast and 2 egg whites, 1 c. 1% milk. (331 Calories)
  • Snack: 1 Serving Light n fit Yogurt with ½ c granola (185 Calories)
  • Lunch: 3 T. Hummus and Veggies with 1 c. Roasted Sweet Potato 1 Slice of cheese (265 Calories)
  • Dinner: 1 Serving Protein Bowl (324 Calories) 
  • Snack: ½ C. Raspberries  ½ c. Vanilla Ice Cream (172 Calories)  
mediterranean diet day 4

Mediterranean Meal Plan: Day 5 (1300 Calories)

  • Breakfast: 1 Light n’ Fit Greek yogurt, ¼ c. Granola, 1 piece of fruit, 1 c. 1% Milk (409 Calories)  
  • Snack: 1 C. Raspberries (84 Calories)  
  • Lunch: Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad with Chicken (325 Calories)
  • Dinner: Stuffed Sweet Potato (387 Calories)
  • Snack: 1 Medium Apple (95 Calories)  

If you don’t love poppyseed dressing, you could always try one of these other low calorie dressing options. Poppyseed definitely fits better into the Mediterranean diet, but you can substitute if needed!

Day 5 mediterranean diet

Mediterranean Diet Plan: Day 6 (1300 Calories)

  • Breakfast: 55g Maple Almond Granola with 2 T. Coconut Flakes and 8 oz of 1% milk (318 Calories)
  • Snack: Pita and Hummus (225 Calories)
  • Lunch: 1 piece of whole grain toast, topped with 2 oz of pickles, 1 oz lettuce  and 1 T. Olive Oil Mayo, 1 pouch lemon pepper tuna, 1 Apple (310 Calories)
  • Dinner: 8 Pieces large shrimp tossed with 1 T pesto sauce on 2 oz. whole grain noodles,  5 spears roasted asparagus.  (376 Calories)
  • Snack: ½ c. Pomegranate (72 Calories)  
mediterranean diet day 6

Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Plan: Day 7 (1277 Calories)

  • Breakfast: Green smoothie  with ½ c. Cream of Wheat and 2 tsp of honey (346 Calories)
  • Snack: ¼ c. Cashews (150 Calories)
  • Lunch: 3 Oz. Salmon with roasted 4 oz. zucchini and 1 C. eggplant, 2/3 C. Cooked Brown Rice (385 Calories)
  • Dinner: Lentil Soup (311 Calories)
  • Snack: 3 ounces of olives and fresh veggies, 2 T. Hummus (120 Calories)    
mediterranean diet day 7

Following the Mediterranean Diet is a great way to promote healthy weight loss. Making sure to get a well rounded diet in truly will help you loose weight and feel better overall. There are so many options to the Mediterranean diet, it is a great way to start your weight loss journey! I’d love to hear about some of your favorite Mediterranean recipes!

Mediterranean Diet 7-Day Meal Plan PDF

Print this 7 day Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Meal Plan PDF

mediterranean diet weight loss 7 day meal plan
7 Day Mediterranean diet meal plan

Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss FAQs

Can you lose weight fast on a Mediterranean diet?

– First, let’s talk about how you lose weight. The truth is, if you eat fewer calories than you burn throughout the day (go into a calorie deficit), then you will lose weight. In order to lose one pound, you would need to have a deficit of 3,500 calories. This means that if you had a calorie deficit of 500 calories each day for a week, you could lose one pound.
– If you’re interested in learning more about how to create a calorie deficit, click this link to see my individual calorie calculator. This will help you calculate the correct amount of calories for you to consume each day depending on your height, weight, age, and more.
– So, can you lose weight fast on the Mediterranean diet? This is a very subjective question. Yes you can lose weight from sticking to a planned out, portioned meal plan made from foods in the Mediterranean diet. Again, if you are in a calorie deficit, you WILL lose weight. Now, whether or not it is considered fast is up to each person, but it is possible to lower the scale by following this diet.
– Note: If you do not properly fuel your body with enough food, then you may lose weight quickly, however, you will gain it all back when you return to eating normally. Because of this, it is better to consume lower calorie foods, practice portion control, and get adequate amounts of physical activity.
My recommendation is to use the calculator to figure out what YOUR BODY needs and then create a plan for fueling it with the foods found in the mediterranean diet. Combining healthy foods with regular physical exercise will be the best formula for your overall well being.

What exactly do you eat on a Mediterranean diet?

The main focus of the Mediterranean diet is plant based foods and healthy fats. Most of the foods are fruits, veggies and whole grains. While those on the diet aren’t cutting out meat, they mainly get their protein from fish, poultry, or beans and nuts over red meat. Additionally, the diet encourages moderate amounts of healthy fats from cheese, yogurt, and extra virgin olive oil.

Do you lose belly fat on a Mediterranean diet?

As mentioned earlier, the Mediterranean diet can be used to create a calorie deficit (burning more calories than you consume) and lose weight. Unfortunately, we don’t get to control where we lose weight.
– Exercising certain muscles can help them to show more prominently, but where exactly our bodies choose to store and remove fat from are largely genetic.
– It is possible that you will lose belly fat by maintaining a healthy diet, however there is no guarantee that the fat you lose will come from your abdominal area. It may be sourced from other areas of your body as well. Though, consistent muscle development through physical activity and an active lifestyle along with healthy eating will lead to an overall slimmer figure.

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  1. Hi can you give the macro estimates for this 1200 Mediterranean plan? Just approximates. Thank you!!!!!

        1. Neither as far as I know. The Mediterranean diet instead focuses on food compliant with the diet, vs. not.
          But I’ve included calories and macros in case someone is trying to lose weight while eating a Mediterranean diet..

  2. Stumbled across your site while looking for diet solutions. So glad I did as I am at a loss but willing and excited to try this! I really do not eat much, do not eat red meat… and no matter what I do I cannot lose weight. Those who know me say I eat like a rabbit. I am 55; for sure at the end of menopause and all that seems to happen is I gain weight. I do NOT understand. Also recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both of my hips – which is causing frustration as I need to get some weight off. Is the 7 day meal plan I have read about a good choice for women in all stages of menopause? Thanks, Kimberly

    1. Hi Kimberly,
      Thanks for checking in..  I’m in perimenoupause/menopause, and Honestly, I feel amazing and I’ve been able to get stronger and leaner than I ever have.Although you might not be eating much (like a rabbit), what is the percentage of your calories from protein, and are you strength training ? Building muscle has been key to getting my hormones balanced and reversing osteoporosis (In me- I never had osteoarthritis).

    1. Karen! That’s a great idea!
      It gets a little tricky legally, because only dietitians are allowed to create meal plans for medical conditions. I’ll see what I can come up with that’s not tied directly to diabetes or insulin resistance.

  3. THIS is exactly what I’ve been wanting to have – an easy, healthy low calorie meal plan! Thank-you so much!

  4. Omg. So grateful. Can you do a low glycemic index, 1200-1300 calorie meal plan for people with insulin resistance?

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