30 Day 1200 Calorie Meal Plan {100+ g protein daily}

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After documenting all my meals, calculating all the calories and macros, taking pictures, and writing out my shopping list for the last 30 days, I’m finally ready to share it! 30 day, 1200 calorie meal plan with each day over 100 grams of protein. Grab this meal plan and reach your weight loss goals now.

Weight Loss 101

Creating a calorie deficit is the only effective way to lose weight and reach your goals. Especially if you are already eating mostly healthy and exercising. Your weight might hit a plateau for a very long time until you cut your calories sufficiently to lose weight. (calculate what you need for your calories and macros here).

Losing the “last 10 lbs” for me required me to get down to 1200 calories, and weigh and measure everything I ate! And even then, it still took several months of consistency to get to my goal.

But it also took 30+ years! So a few months of being ultra consistent, really isn’t that long.

weight loss transformation on 1200 calories per day

Why a 1200 calorie meal plan?

1200 calories happens to be the calorie threshold most people would agree would create an appropriate deficit, while still meeting your micronutrient needs.

You don’t have to drop to 1200 calories forever. After you lose weight, you can gradually increase calories and still maintain your weight loss. I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss at 1500 calories without gaining weight.

Why you need a meal plan for weight loss

Following a meal plan, or having a pattern for my meals has helped me and thousands of people lose weight. Following a meal plan eliminates the focus on food, and the fatigue of decision making. I find, I’m more likely to have discipline when I’m not focused on what I should choose for my next meal. This 1200 calorie meal plan helps you to stick to a calorie deficit and reduce the amount you have to think about what you are going to eat.

What does 1200 calories look like?

If you eat healthy, whole foods, and lots of fruits and vegetables, 1200 calories can actually be quite satisfying! Making sure to get 100 grams of protein each day has been a game changer in helping to control my appetite.

The way I have been eating 1200 calories looks like this:

  • BREAKFAST: Eggs & Oats or toast 300-400 calories
  • LUNCH: Salad with protein on top 300-400 calories
  • SNACK/DESSERT: 200 calories
  • DINNER: Protein and veggies 400-500 calories

Example of a 1200 calorie day:

In my 1200 calorie meal plan (that you can buy here), there’s a “full day of eating” page for all 30 days in the meal plan. That way you can get a quick look at the meals and their calories. Each day is 1200 calories and over 100 grams of protein.

MY MOST IMPORTANT TIP: If there is a particular day you like, then I HIGHLY recommend putting that day on REPEAT. In fact, I repeat the same meals (especially breakfast, lunch, and snack) several days at a time, until I use up all the food for those meals, and then I move on to another day for breakfast, lunch, and snack. I always rotate my dinners though.

So start with this one: DAY 1, and eat the same food for the rest of the week! Then, tell me how you feel. I’d love to hear from you.

Day 1 Full Day of Eating on 1200 calories

In my 30 day meal plan, I have a full day of instructions for all 30 days, like the one below. That’s 120 meals and recipes with calories and macros for each meal, and for each day!

jpg day 1 for 1200 calorie meal plan cropped

The full 30 day plan!

Included in my 30 day meal plan is this calendar of the FULL 30 days of 1200 calories each day. If you see a meal you want the recipe for, you’ll want the full meal plan! Print this page of the plan, and put it on your fridge!

30 days of 1200 calorie meals!

Why you need this meal plan!

OK- Here’s EVERYTHING you’ll get with this 1200 calorie meal plan:

  1. 30 days of 1200 calorie meals
  2. Over 100 grams of protein each day.
  3. Grocery list for each week with links to my favorite low calorie brands.
  4. My 12 mindset hacks that helped me to stay motivated, consistent, and stick with it long enough to see results!
  5. My workout plan for cardio and strength training.
  6. Links to the supplements I take, as well as the gadgets, and products I use on a regular basis.
  7. Worksheets with a weight tracker, habit tracker, and some blank recipe pages and shopping lists.
  8. And of course- email support! Message me any day, any time! I always reply.

I hope that this 1200 calorie meal plan is helpful for you! Let me know which of the meals were your favorite!

1200 calorie 30 day meal plan


30 day 1200 calorie meal plan pin

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  1. Hello,

    I am new and thinking of purchasing this meal plan, but before I do, I wanted to see if you calculated the carbs? If you have any other 30 day meal plan that’s 1,200, high protein, low carb, low fat, I would really be interested in purchasing. Thank you!

  2. If I start eating at noon. Do I have to eat the 3 meals and a snack within my eating window. What if I’m not hungry?
    Is it possible I’m not reaching my goals because I’m not eating enough calories? I maintain my weight, but only loose weight when I fast.

    1. YEs, if you start eating at noon, I would still fit in 4 meals in your eating window, spaced out throughout the window.
      It’s rare that you wouldn’t reach your goal by undereating. But I would take a look at the quality of foods you are eating. It might be your current diet is inflammatory and causing water retention.

    1. Thanks for reaching out! It would definitely depend on the recommendations from your physician or personal dietitian. I’m not legally licensed or qualified to give advice on chronic diseases.

      But, I personally believe low calorie inherently IS helpful for diabetes. This plan is also low in sugar and most days are under 100 grams of carbs and over 125 grams of protein!

  3. Hello!

    Please advise the total amount of fiber that is contained in the 30 day plan. Thanks.

      1. Thank you! I appreciate the nutritional help. You have saved me a lot of time, which is paramount considering my extremely busy schedule.

        1. Hi! I am new to macros and thinking about trying your meal plan. How do you feel about fasting? I tend to fast until around 1-2pm due to my work schedule. I also love tea or coffee and mct oil as my start after a lot of water. How do you feel about skipping breakfast?

          Also, i don’t eat meat often and am wondering if you have a vegetarian plan? I also have a hard time eating eggs and abs am wondering what type of breakfast swap out I could do. Thanks!!!

          1. I don’t have a vegetarian plan yet. I’ve tried a few times to make one, but I have never finished it!
            BUT, I’m a HUGE fan of fasting!  If you can delay breakfast till 1 or 2, I’m all on board with that.  I think it makes it easier to stick with your calories and macros when you have a shorter eating window.

  4. Please make a vegetarian/ vegan plan!! It is a struggle to get 110 grams of protein on a 1200 calorie daily intake.

  5. Do you need to exercise to see effects with this plan? Changing my eating habits and adding vigorous exercise to my day may be too much at once.

  6. Hi, I’m not here to criticize or anything. But will this help me lose weight because I noticed a lot of sweets. I don’t know better. I just need assurance.

  7. I don’t eat meat or tuna , fish .
    What would you use as a substitute for those in your meal plan ?
    I want to be sure I can use it before I purchase.
    Thanks much .

    1. Hi! thanks for your question.  this would be a struggle to follow without meat. I do use it a lot to get the protein.  I am however trying to build a vegetarian plan, but it’s not ready yet. Sorry!!

    1. Hi!
      I’m considering trying your program. However I am Canadian. Will it be a problem recieving this plan?

  8. Why do I have my home address into your site to get your meal plan? I do not see any correlation between the two.
    Thank you,

  9. Do you offer substitution suggestions? Example, I’m not a big fan of avocado, feta, or sweet potatoes, in my search for a healthy meal plan these items are used often.

    1. Hi Kim, I don’t have subs for those things in the meal plan. But for the cheese, I would use any cheese. For avocado, I would leave it out, and then add a tablespoon of fat somewhere else, like a salad dressing for dinner.
      Do you like regular potatoes?

  10. I thought I just bought the 30 day, 1200 calories meal plan. But I can’t find it to print. Can you help?

      1. Is the 30 day meal plan, The same as the free seven day meal plan as far as calories, protein, carbs, fats? I really like the protein/carb/fat ratio on the seven day meal plan

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