Bikini Competition Prep Diet and Workout Plan

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The diet, workout, and the little things I did to prep for a bikini competition without a coach. “Die with memories, not dreams”.

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My Weight Loss Story Recap

My weight loss over the past 25 years has come in stages. Starting at an all time high of who knows how much, at least 150lbs, at 19 years old. I was successful in losing at least 20 lbs over the next 20 years. But then I reached a plateau around 125-130lbs.

bikini prep without a coach before and after

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This was still a bit heavy for my frame, as evidenced by this photo of me in 2017.

From this weight in 2017, I decided I was committed to losing ten more pounds. And I did it through paying more attention to WHAT I was eating and WHY I was eating (you can read that weight loss stage here)

At the end of 2019 I was frustrated again because I still didn’t feel like I had the physique that represented my healthy lifestyle. I ate healthy food and I exercised! It felt like I did all the things!

I didn’t share this on my previous weight loss story post, but I remember telling my husband, “If I commit 100% to counting calories for the next 6 months and I still can’t get to my desired weight, then I am paying for liposuction!” And I was serious. I was going to give it my full effort for 6 months, almost to prove that my metabolism ‘must be broken’ and the only solution is liposuction.

Simultaneously, I was going through a mid-life, empty nester crisis, and wanted to make some goals that really stretched me and made life interesting. Which is when I decided to enter my first bikini show! (read about the last 10 lbs and my first bikini show here). Needless to say, when I finally buckled down and gave calorie counting an honest effort, it worked!

Bikini show #1 was supposed to be a bucket list goal, and I vowed to never do it again.

And then I did. After bikini show number 2, I vowed to never do it again. (I just hate getting up on that stage!)

And then I did it again this past Saturday! What’s wrong with me?

The biggest thing I learned from the past 2 1/2 years is that

  • You can still get fit over 40 or 45 in my case,
  • Your metabolism is NOT permanent and it’s not broken. It’s ALWAYS changing.
  • And lastly, if you aren’t doing something that people think is crazy, you aren’t doing it right! haha

Starting Prep 6 months early

In January of this year, my weight fluctuated between 110-115lbs. Which was still great! I do think that is ideal weight for my frame.

But, at the same time, I was getting the idea in my head that I should do another bikini show. To be honest, I thought I could bring a better physique than I had in my last show. My last show day I definitely had too much food and water in my stomach to keep my waist tight, and I wanted another chance.

I planned to do a show in March in Utah, and figured 8 weeks would be an appropriate amount of time to get ready.

So, I started weighing and measuring my food more accurately. I believed I was eating 1500 calories, but there was a lot of untracked food (veggies, condiments, etc.)

Once I started tracking 1500 calories honestly, everything and everything, the scale started to come down on it’s own.

About 4 weeks before the March show, I tried to get the coach I had hired to support me in being in the show in Utah. To my surprise, he said he didn’t want me competing there! WHAT?? I had already spent 4 weeks in my own little prep and he told me I couldn’t do the show in March!

That’s when I decided I would sign up for an out of town competition of my choice, and do it without a coach!

So, From March – June I had no one to check in with, ask questions, show my progress pictures to, and no one to help with posing and logistics on show day. But considering I’m a 48 year old amateur, and not an elite IFBB competitor, I didn’t think it mattered too much.

And I’m glad I went solo! Saving money and not having the pressure of doing well on stage for a coach was a surprisingly huge weight off my shoulders.

A friend from the gym told me she was doing a show in Sacramento, California, and that I should do it with her. I immediately put down the money for the NorCal Championships, got a hotel, and from there, I was 100% committed. Turns out, spending money motivates me to give it my all!

Airport on the way to bikini show NPC

My Bikini prep diet

My diet hasn’t changed much in the past 2 years to be honest. On or off prep, I’ve been eating the same foods over and over. I gave myself a lot more flexibility from Summer through the end of the year, but I’m a creature of habit, and I actually LIKE the foods that I have on my plans.

For my height and weight, I’ve been staying between 1400-1500 calories, 125 g carbs, 150 g protein, and 30 g fat. My meals consistently looked like this:

  • Egg whites and oatmeal with fruit
  • Chicken on a green salad or with a side of sweet potatoes
  • Protein ice cream, shake, or protein bar
  • Ground Turkey, rice, and veggies

Within those meals I can get VERY creative! Here’s a 30 day meal plan with those meals in a variety of forms. Here’s just ideas for those meals (without specific recipes). Also, here’s a recent full day of eating a few weeks before the show at 1400 calories.

Full day of eating examples

Here’s some meals I took photos of the last few months. They aren’t consecutive days. I just labeled them that way. I usually eat the same thing for several days in a row, before switching up one of the meals.

Day 1

  • Breakfast: Egg whites, oatmeal with sugar free syrup and cinnamon, turkey bacon
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken, hard boiled egg and Bolthouse ranch dressing.
  • Snack: Built Bar <-discount link
  • Dinner: Ground turkey, rice and veggies
Full day of eating on bikini prep 2

Day 2

  • Breakfast: Egg whites with Sargento thin sliced cheese, Oats with raspberries
  • Lunch: Chicken tenders with Kernel Seasons cheddar seasoning, veggies, and sweet potato with Feast Mode Cinnamon Honey Butter seasoning.
  • Snack: Protein Ice cream made with CSE protein powder, <-discount link
  • Dinner: Ground turkey and veggies

If you don’t have the protein powder I used in these recipes and don’t want to buy them, don’t sweat it. Here is a post with my thoughts on the top protein powder brands.

full day of eating on bikini prep

Day 3 (details from this full day of eating here)

  • Breakfast: Eggs, thin sliced cheese turkey bacon, grapefruit
  • Lunch: Chicken, sweet potato, summer squash
  • Snack/dessert: Protein ice cream
  • Dinner: Ground turkey, spaghetti squash and green beans.
full day of eating 1400 calories breakfast lunch snack and dinner
(recipes, macros, and calories for these meals here)

Day 4

  • Breakfast: Eggs, thin sliced cheese, oats with cinnamon and sugar free syrup, banana
  • Lunch: Chicken, egg, veggies, and sweet potatoes
  • Snack: Protein Bar
  • Dinner: Steak, broccoli, tomatoes
Full day of eating on bikini prep 4

Day 5 (details from this full day of eating here)

  • Egg whites, turkey bacon, avocado, oats, and raspberries
  • Chicken, cauliflower rice with Kernel Seasonings cheddar, sweet potatoes, and asparagus
  • Protein ice cream with blueberries
  • Healthy Noodle (low calorie noodles), broccoli, ground turkey, and nutritional yeast.
Full day of eating on bikini prep 3

The little things

Tracking honestly: The kicker when I’m trying to “dial it in” is to be more meticulous about my tracking, and focus on not eating between meals! The grazing gets out of control some days more than others, and it’s hard for me to track bites, licks, or tastes.

Cutting out Diet Coke: 3 months ago, I knew I’d have to quit my diet coke habit if my waist was going to come in smaller than before. The last show, I could NOT hold my ab muscles tight. I couldn’t even mentally connect to them! So, I gave it up cold turkey! *READ MY DIET COKE STORY HERE WITH MY BLOATING BEFORE AND AFTER PICS

Sodium makes my weight fluctuate several pounds! I didn’t realize how much water I was retaining, but I knew I was getting excessive with the salt. The more vegetables I ate, the more salt I ate. But the days when I avoided the salt shaker, my weight was always several pounds lower the next day, and you could start seeing the definition in my muscles again. So, I saved that in my toolbox for the week of the show.

So, with 1400-1500 calories, I got me almost all the way to the stage. Which means, at 112-115, I was actually eating a lot more, when I thought I was eating 1500 calories.

The last few weeks before the show, I ate the same foods, but I cut to 1200 calories with about 80-100 grams of carbs (except for long run days). And I kept looking leaner.

My workout for bikini prep

In the last 2 1/2 years I have added 10 lbs of muscle, which I’m thrilled about! (as measured by Dexa)

My workout hasn’t changed in the past year and a half either. I consistently do about 45 minutes of strength training and 45-60 minutes of running. (I do have a high carb day when my running exceeds 60 minutes, like for this marathon!)

But my strength split looks like this:

  • Monday– Leg Day
  • Tuesday– Shoulder Day
  • Wednesday– Back Day
  • Thursday – leg day
  • Friday – Shoulder
  • Saturday-Biceps/ triceps; except I always skip that day. haha

I generally get in 5 different exercises for each day. I always train at the gym and have a mix of machines, dumbbells, and a barbell. (except during quarantine and that home workout is here)

I try to load the weight as heavy as possible, but enough that I only take a 30 second rest break in between sets. I do plan to change this so that it’s heavy enough that I need a full minute or two between sets.

transformation counting calories for weight loss

Peak Week

And that brings us to last week, peak week!

I honestly didn’t change much during the week of the show. I was already lean enough, and my diet was already clean. But, in order to try to “fill out the muscles”, I tapered up my carbs towards the end of the week.

I had been on carbs below 100 the last few weeks, so on

  • Thursday, I increased it to 125 carbs (with rice, rice, cakes, sweet potato, oatmeal, and bananas)
  • Friday I increased it to 175 Carbs (with rice, sweet potato, and rice cakes)
  • Saturday (show day) I increased it again to 200g carbs – But this time I used Salted Caramel Gu and Rice cakes. I knew both of those things took up very little space in my stomach, and I knew I could digest it well- no bloating! Also, I didn’t get on stage till almost 4pm, so that’s pretty much a full day of eating before the stage. I didn’t want to screw it up.

(Photo- me at 19 years old, vs 48 years old, backstage, eating rice cakes!)

backstage eating rice cakes

I also went light on the salt shaker, and heavy on the water! 1 1/2 gallons of water per day, until show day, when I took only sips of water! I didn’t want to bloat again.

uber to the restaurant after competition

Tan, Makeup, and Hair

I decided, unless I was a contender for a top spot, I didn’t want to spend my money on the show tan, or the official makeup artist. Each one of those is usually $125 or more!

So, I bought the Pro Tan, DIY kit, and the color this year on me was 100X better than the color I got the last two years from the show tanner. (year 1 looked green, and year 2 – TOO DARK!)

three years of bikini shows tanning

I would have liked to have my makeup done professionally, especially since my face was too white for my tan! My sister calls it my ghost face pics. haha!

Norcal bikini NPC show own makeup

But for my hair, I wore a hairpiece from Thin Hair Thick! I liked it because you can curl it once and it stays curled. Plus, I won the hairpiece during a giveaway earlier this year, and it meant I didn’t have to pay for my hair to be done at the show.

Hair by thin hair thick

Final Thoughts

I think I looked the best at this third show than the prior two shows. The competition was tough, again. There were more women over 40 than under, and my age group 45+ was the biggest!

My biggest weakness is that I have to pose so hard to not have a saggy back side! It turns out, being heavy in the legs for 25 years really stretches out that skin! (I shared all about it in my IG stories here)

Although I didn’t get placed, I did get 8th out of 12th, and I’m not mad about that! (here’s the placings). I met some incredible ladies that I will forever keep in touch with. I shared a room with a friend, the friend I met at my local gym, and she killed it in her class!

Bikini prep without a coach

After the show we went out to eat! I ate pizza, nachos, and a sandwich, and it tasted AMAZING!

After bikini show eating out

But, now of course, I need to go back next year and see if I can do better! haha.

This bikini competition prep diet isn’t easy, but I’m glad I have done it. I keep challenging myself to reach new goals, and it has brought a lot of growth! If you decide to train for a bikini competition, reach out. I’d love to connect!

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bikini prep without a coach- my diet and exercise plan

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I’m looking to start prep for a comp however with money tight, I’m thinking of doing so without a coach etc. do you think this is possible first time round?

    1. Not only do I think it’s possible, I think it’s the BEST idea!  Usually with your first show you’re just seeing if you like competing, and you likely (with or without a coach) won’t place in the top, so why spend the money to just see if you like something or not. I ‘m ALL for your first show being without a coach. After that, if you have dreams of going pro, then get one. But if you just want to compete for fun, don’t waste the money (my opinion!)Amy

  2. I am 42 years old and mom of 7, I have had 14 pregnancies in 15 years. I have been working out and eating healthy for about two years but over the last 6 months have been diligently tracking calories, never missing a 6 day workout week and have kept my calories around 1200…it is hard to get there actually because I feel so full. I do have a carb sensitivity so I need to keep carbs lower. Never any sugar, no sauces, I am dairy free, sugar free and on a low fodmap diet. I do 45-60 minutes of strength training and 30-60 minutes of cardio all 6 days. My body is changing but the scale has not budged since the first month or two? You seemed to drop weight so easily?!

    1. Hi Marie,Thanks for reaching out and thanks for sharing your story.   You are definitely Mom of the year!! Holy moly.  7 kids, 14 pregnancies, and 6 months of solid dieting and working out. That’s incredible!Before 46years old, I would have strongly denied that I could lose weight easily.  But, the truth was, I just wasn’t being accurate with my counting, and I didn’t give it enough time.However, since that doesn’t seem to be your struggle, I would ask if you have any weight to lose first of all, and if you’ve ever had lab work done to make sure everything else is in order (like thyroid, etc.)

  3. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for sharing your experience! I appreciate your putting yourself out there. I’m preparing to do my second bikini show over 50. The loose skin on my glutes is bothering me and I would really appreciate it if you could share more about dealing with this issue. I’ve been trying to grow the muscle, obviously, to fill it but it’s still not ideal.

    1. Lisa!
      This is STILL my challenge. I even scheduled a consultation with a doctor for a “lower body lift”, and then chickened out and never went to the appointment. I keep thinking….”I’ll give it one more year of staying lean and see if I can’t get my sag to tighten up. It hasn’t happened though. I am trying just regular stuff like dry brushing, exfoliation, etc. just to see if I can stimulate some fresh skin!
      I’m excited for you to compete! What show are you going to do?

  4. Hi, I’m so happy I came across your website. I find that people don’t really share the level of detail you have without trying to sell you something. You are such an inspiration!

  5. Hey there!!! 42 with 5 kiddos!! I was looking into bodybuilding as a challenge to myself. Do you do the cardio every day along with lifting?
    Thank you!!

  6. I’m reaching out to u bcz I’m desperate for guidance. I came across your info after googling how to achieve a bikini body. I’m 54yrs old, 5’2″, 130lbs. I’m always on a roller coaster of losing/gaining. My last training was a 6 month program by The Sculpted Vegan (I’m not vegan though) that started Sept 2023. I completed 3 months of a lean build, got to 117lbs and felt fantastic. Christmas came and all went to shit. Now I’m back to 130lbs and want to die! Want to get back on track and look like a bikini model. I only want it for me, not to stand on stage. It’s been a goal I’ve yet to achieve. My problem is I gather fitness/nutrition info from numerous educated/knowledgeable trainers online like Dr Mike Israetel, Holly Perkins, as well as others whom are educated in the field of nutrition and exercise. Each have their ideas on what to do which leaves me confused and not knowing which approach to take.
    Please guide/advise me based on your years of perseverance, how to start? I know how to count macros using MFP. I’m not doing anything right now but desperately need to start something. If my goal is to have a bikini body like yours, where do I start? A build? Shred? Calories? Macro split? How much cardio/day? I only do LISS cardio.
    I need someone to help me get back on the train toward achieving my goal. Getting started just seems so difficult 😕
    Sorry for long question. I just didn’t want to leave out important details. I read your meal plans but not sure how many calories I should be starting at?

    1. Hi Jade!Thanks for reaching out to me and sharing your challenges.  I can TOTALLY relate!You’ll likely see results starting at either 1500 or 1200.  It’s just at 1200 you’ll see results faster, but it might not be as easy to stick to. Although, I Do personally think my 1200 calorie diet is easy to stick to because it is so filling.And you can build an shred simultaneously.  If you are lifting heavy, but in a calorie deficit, you can still build muscle because you have fat stores to use during the deficit for calories (if that makes sense).Regardless of the strategy, I think you might have more success this time taking a look at your mindset and really diving deep to find out why you slip away from your goals.   I have some good articles about what I learned over the last few years to get my mind right.But I’d love to hear from you!  When you start a new program, what triggers you to start eating off plan?

  7. Hi Amy,
    I’m very happy to have found your site. I’m hoping you can help me. I’m trying to gain ~5 pounds of muscle. I’m not a competitor. I feel my diet and workouts are good, but something needs to be better and I’m not sure where each needs adjusting, other than maybe more carbs. Your insight could be very helpful. Let me know if I can ask for your feedback.
    Thank you,

  8. How do you manage the meal prep and cooking for the family? Generally that is what details me. Any advice, tips/tricks?

    1. Hi Mary,
      I’ll be the first to admit, it wasn’t easy when I was raising kids. I made 99% of our meals at home (we never ate out), so I always felt like I was in the kitchen and would snack and graze as a result. now, my kids are gone, and I make most of my meals just for me. I make a family dinner on Sunday’s when the kids come home, but there is usually a protein and veggie within the meal that I set aside for myself (without the sauces/cheese). The rest of the week, if my husband and I eat the same dinners, it’s usually just a protein and veggie every night, and he likes to eat that as well.

  9. Hi Amy,any hope for a 61 yr old? I have been going to the gym soon to be 10 months and none of the fat came off . I know I am not eating properly and I was advised to keep my protein to 45 g a day due to a low GFR by a dietician. Everyone says you got to eat more protein to burn the fat. What do you suggest? I go to the gym3 x a week and always do the same leg exercise. I just want to burn the fat , currently hovering near 158.


  10. Great post. I love how this is sustainable on and off prep!! I’m 5’4 and 123. I enjoy running as well and would like to dial it in especially implementing lifting back in. It’s crazy how fast you can lose definition when you take a break for a bit. I’m a very active person. Your post is very relatable. What would you recommend for macros for someone like me? Granted I know you would need more info. I do know I feel better when I’m around 115 or less when running.

  11. Amy–I LOVE your site and all of your stories about prepping for a bikini competition. Your stories are the absolute BEST I have found anywhere. Doing a competition is on my bucket list and I am hoping to sign up for my first contest this coming November. I’m a lifelong lifter and runner and cyclist but have always wanted to get into bikini comp shape! And, I’m 64 so it’ll be a challenge. Any advice for me? Carla

    1. Carla!! I’m excited for you to sign up. It sounds like you have a great foundation already for muscle, and 64 years old is incredible! My best advice is to just have fun! In the over 45 or over 50 categories, I think we’re all just competing to stay on top of our game, rather than be competitive. So, I can’t wait for you to do it. What show do you think you’ll do?

  12. What an inspiration!! I’m 47, just going through that empty nester stage and need something to bring me joy again (if that makes sense). Back in the day, I used to work out and stay in shape then life (2 divorces) got the best of me, and I spiraled out of control. My heaviest weight was 220 @ 5’7.” I unfortunately maintained that for several years. I got down between 150-170 3 years ago. For some reason, in this past year, I’ve gone down to 135-140 but (in my opinion) without clothes on, I still look fat! I’m needing a decent work out, that’s for sure. Anyways… I do have a question. With baby #1, I gained 100 lbs, and with baby #3, she was 12 lbs. Do you have any advice (other than liposuction or a tummy tuck- which I have considered) for that pudgy lower belly?

    TIA! ~Jamie

    1. Hi Jamie!
      So glad we can connect here! And, it DOES make sense!! Getting into shape (both the process and the result) has truly brought me so much joy!.
      And good job on the weight loss! My best advice is to strengthen your abs and improve your posture. I found that I was letting it hang out relaxed SO MUCH, that I could no longer contract my muscles there any more.. which led to more pushing out my gut. Does that make sense? So, start there. Saggy skin on the other hand…. I’m still dealing with that on my butt- so currently looking for solutions. LOL
      Anyway, keep me posted on your progress.


      1. I have heard of people using the derma-roller to tighten loose skin on their face, lower tummy, etc.
        I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on the butt area as well.

  13. I am so happy I came across your site! I have been trying to prep for Bikini Comp over a year now. I lost 30 lbs but have gained it back after taking 4 months off and I am starting to prep again without a coach. I would love to purchase your meal plan. Any advise on your plan to help me stay on prep?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Kerri!
      So glad you found me! I actually only have one meal plan for sale. It’s the 1200 calorie, 30 day meal plan. BUT, I’m just a few days away from my next one, for 1500 calories.
      Both plans are pretty similar though, as I eat the same foods over and over!

      The other meal plans on my site are all 1 day to 7 days, and they are free!

      I’m EXCITED for you to prep. When do you think you’ll do a show?


  14. Hi, I was wondering if, like me, you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I want to do a bikini competition, but I have my reservations, for obvious reasons. How did you make peace with it?

    1. Good morning!!
      Yes, I’m a member, and I’m actually the relief society president right now in an elderly ward. So, you’d think they’d be more judgemental. But the response from my neighbors/ward have been 100% supportive. In fact, I get more questions about fitness than ever. And I’ve been invited to talk to the YW and relief society activities about health than ever.

      The turning point for me was I spent a few months in therapy after my kids grew up and left home.
      My therapist was a friend from my mission, and I told her about my hesitation with doing a bikini show, even though I wanted to.

      She told me, BECAUSE I was a member that’s why I should do a show! She told me someone needs to represent the idea that you can be a solid member of the church, and reach your goals. Also, maybe people will stop being so judgemental about bikinis. Lol.

      So, I’ve never felt embarrassed or immodest about it since. 😂

  15. Hi, I’m I would love to get that lean one day. I have been training for almost 7 years but I still find it hard to eat over 100g of protein .I’m 37 years old 5’2 and currently weight 107lb
    also love running. Do you do your run before weight training or after ?

    1. I always run after I lift. Mostly because I wake up pretty early, and I lift while it’s dark. So, by the time I’m finished, the sun starts coming up and it’s much better to be outside for my run!!

      Are you vegetarian? Do you like egg whites, greek yogurt, protein powder and chicken for your protein? Where do you normally get yor protein?

      1. Thank you for quick response.
        no I’m not vegetarian. I do eat egg whites, chicken , and Greek yogurt but not alot of them .
        my typical macros would look like this :
        90-100g protein
        40 fat
        I do lift for 45 min and either run or stairs for 45 minutes 6 days a week

        1. That sounds like a great program!
          I get almost 150 grams of protein just with those foods. 1 full cup of egg whites for breakfast, 4-6 ounces of chicken for lunch. 1 cup (or 2/3 cup greek yogurt or protein powder for a snack, and 4-6 ounces of ground turkey, fish or chicken for dinner!
          That should get you to 100 easily! Just eat a teeny bit more of those foods, and you’re there.

  16. Hi Amy
    I would love to get that ripped looked you have. I train with weights but I don’t seem to get the cut definition. I’m 54 years old what is the secret 😜
    Please help 😊

    1. The secret is getting MORE lean than you think you need to be! I’ve decided Young people can look leaner with a little more body fat. But after a certain age, when your skin is thin and you look veiny-er, it takes some pretty low numbers to show your muscle! LOL

  17. I’m so happy that I happened upon your website! I am 49 and have been wanting to have a bikini competition body but I don’t really want to do the actual competition. I’ve been working out for several years and have never seen the definition like you have. Maybe its all diet? I weigh the most I every have (about 140-145) and I am 5’9”. What are the actual exercises you did while in the gym? Thanks for posting your home workout – I am definitely trying that!! Also, do you do heavy days or are you pretty consistent with weight just increasing as you get stronger? Thanks!!

    1. Jennifer!
      I’m so glad you found me, and glad you reached out. I think if you would have asked this question in June I’d probably have a better answer for you. Right now, I don’t feel like my lifting sessions are that great. In the spring (before this last show), I was only lifting heavy weights, to failure. The exercises were all basic machines at the gym. So, for example, leg day was leg curls, leg extension, abductor machine, leg press, smith machine squat, and lunges. Shoulder day was overhead press, lat fly, lateral lifts, front raise, and face pull. Back day was pull ups, rows, etc. So, really nothing fancy. Super basic.
      Right now, I’m trying to go lighter weights and more reps (but same exercises).
      And I get it, I’d rather never step on stage again and be able to maintain my physique! haha

  18. You look amazing. I’m 48 and trying to lose 25 pounds. Do you mind sharing some of the podcasts you enjoy and some youtube videos?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Brandey~!
      I’ve been meaning to write a post about this, but the quick answer is:
      My current bikini related Podcasts:
      Bikini and the Brain,
      Boss Bitch Radio
      Muscle for Life
      Prep Life
      Cupcakes and Protein Shakes
      Not just a bikini girl
      Beyond the bikini
      Chasing Clarity
      Huberman Labs
      The drive (Peter attia)
      Bikini Diaries
      J3 University
      Grow or Die
      The Bodybuilding Dietitians

      And for Youtube channels:

      Coach Adam Bonilla
      Ashley Kaltwasser
      Holly Baxter
      (Biolayne) Layne Norton
      Lauren Dannenmiller
      Lexie Maitland
      Paul Revelia

      Hope that gives you a few things to listen to!


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