Calories in a Slice Of Pizza from your Favorite Pizza Take-out: Ranked Highest to Lowest

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Check out the calories for a slice of pizza from restaurants like Little Caesars, pizza hut, Papa Murphy’s, Papa Johns, Dominoes and more!

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What is your favorite kind of pizza? I feel like your answer can say a lot about who you are as a person. For me, I love thin crust, thick, pepperoni, veggie, and everything in between! There’s a kind of pizza for everyone.

While I love pizza, one thing that I don’t love is the calories. So, of course, I needed to make myself a list of common restaurants that offer takeout pizza, and rank them by calories. The more you know, the better decisions you’ll make.

In order to compare the brands, I decided to gather nutrition information for a single slice of pepperoni pizza from a 12″ medium size pizza (1/8 of a 12″ pizza pan). Most brands offer this size, and pepperoni is a common pizza type, so it seemed fitting. Now, let the calorie counting begin….

Pizza Calories per Slice from Highest to Lowest

Little Caesar’s from Doordash
  1. Little Caesar’s – Little Caesar’s original crust pizza has about 276 calories per slice, according to Fast Food Nutrition and Fast Food Menu Prices . It also includes 31g of carbs, 11g of fat, and 13g of protein.
  2. Pizza Hut – Research from Eat This Much and Carb Manager show that a slice from Pizza Hut has 269 calories. It also contains about 29g of carbs, 11g of fat, and 12g of protein.
  3. Sbarro – Sbarro sells 12″ Roman style square pizzas with 6 slices. While this is a little different from the other pizzas represented here, I still chose to include them. Based on information from Fast Food Nutrition and Sbarro, a slice of Sbarro pizza contains about 263 calories and around 28.5g of carbs, 11g of fat, and 12g of protein.
  4. Marco’s – The nutritional evaluation from My Fitness Pal and My Net Diary show that pieces of pieces of pepperoni pizza at Marco’s have about 255 calories, 26g of carbs, 12g of fat, and 11g of protein.
Domino’s Pizza from Parade
  1. Papa Murphy’s – There are 240 calories per slice of pepperoni pizza based on evidence from Carbs Manager and Papa Murphy’s. They also have about 25g of carbs, 11g of fat, and 8g of protein.
  2. Papa John’s – From articles by Fast Food Nutrition and Fat Secret, we can see that a piece of Papa John’s pizza has 230 calories, 26g of carbs, 10g of fat, and 9g of protein.
  3. Domino’s – For a slice of original hand tossed Domino’s, there are about 210 calories, according to Domino’s and My Fitness Pal. It also has 23g of carbs, 9g of fat, and 8g of protein.
  4. Cici’s Pizza – Cici’s pizzas generally cut their 12″ pizzas into 10 slices rather than the usual 8. For comparison’s sake, I took the information from Cici’s to determine how many calories would be in a regular size slice of pizza. I found that if their pizzas were split into 8 slices, or you ate 1 1/4 slice of their buffet pizzas (cut into 10 pieces) it would contain about 200 calories, 22.5g of carbs, 9g of fat, and 9g of protein.
Blaze Pizza from Blaze
  1. California Pizza Kitchen – When it comes to a slice of the original hand tossed pepperoni pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, there are about 190 calories. Nutrition Charts and Fast Food Nutrition show each slice as having 22g of carbs, 7g of fat, and 8g of protein.
  2. Chuck E. Cheese/ Peter Piper’s Pizza – As shown by Eat this Much and My Net Diary, a slice of pepperoni pizza from Chuck E. Cheese has 178 calories. Along with that, it has 21g of carbs, 7g of fat, and 8g of protein.
  3. Mod Pizza – One thing to note about Mod Pizza is that they sell 11″ pizzas rather than 12″. Because of this, their pizza slices are slightly smaller than most other medium pizzas. With this in mind, a slice of mega crust pizza (1/8th of the pie) from Mod pizza contains about 141 calories. It also has about 22g of carbs, 3g of fat, and 5g of protein.
  4. Blaze Pizza – Similar to Mod, Blaze pizza also is sold in the 11″ size with 6 slices (but I calculated the values for 1/8 of the pizza). Additionally, they tend to have much thinner crusts. These factors contribute towards their low calorie count of 83 calories per slice with 10.5g of carbs, 3g of fat, and 4g of protein.

*Side note, I know that pizza from the Costco food courts are pretty popular. Unfortunately, they only sell their pizzas in the 16-18″ size, meaning that their slices couldn’t be fairly compared with the others in this list.

From my findings, I gathered that many of the highest calorie options are also the most popular takeout brands such as Little Caesar’s and Pizza Hut. Honestly, that’s probably why they taste so good. The lowest calorie options came from places where you typically order your own personal pizza, such as Mod and Blaze.

Whether you clicked on this article out of curiosity or a desire to reduce your calorie intake, I hope that this research is helpful! As we can see, the take out pizza brand you purchase really makes a difference in the number of calories!

Take Out Pizza Ranked By Calories

Or, skip the Take-out, save calories and make your own pizza! Here’s my favorite, easy recipes.

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