Easy Low Calorie Swaps You Won’t Even Notice {and save hundreds of calories}

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To make a calorie deficit easy and effortless, I am sharing my top 19 low calorie swaps that I used to lose over 20 lbs!

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When starting on a weight loss journey, it’s much easier to make subtle changes that you really don’t notice. For example, substituting regular bread for low calorie bread that tastes just as good. Bread is bread, and every calorie counts.

Saving 10 calories here, and 100 calories there, really do add up over time. In fact, just a 3500 calorie deficit will let you lose 1 pound of fat.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out my video above or click over to YouTube to watch it. I’m sharing my favorite swaps that didn’t impact me at all, but still allowed me to stay in a calorie deficit.

Below is a breakdown of each low calorie swap and how many calories you’ll save!

Watch the video where I talk all about each item below!

  1. Tortillas; Mission Toritlla140 calories vs. Maya’s 90 calories =50 calories saved
  2. Bread: Grandma sycamore’s 110 calories vs. Dave’s Thin sliced 70 calories vs. Sara Lee 45 calories=65 calories saved
  3. Traditional bagels vs thin Sliced bagels= 250 calories vs. 110 calories = 140 calories saved
  4. Egg whites vs. whole eggs; 75 calories vs.350 calories 275 saved
  5. Full fat Sour cream 60 calories vs fat free sour cream 20 calories = 40 calories saved
  6. 2% Cottage cheese 110 calories vs. fat free cottage cheese; 80 calories – 30 calories saved (try this fat free cottage cheese recipe here!)
  7. Regular sliced cheese 90 calories vs. thin sliced cheese; 90 calories vs 45 calories = 45 calories saved
  8. Regular String cheese 80 calories vs. light string cheese 50 calories= 30 calories saved
  9. Ranch dressing 110 calories vs Bolthouse Ranch Dressing 50 calories= 60 calories saved
  10. Heavy cream 50 calories vs Mexicana crema: 25 calories= 25 calories saved
  11. 2% milk 130 calories vs. almond milk; 30 calories. 100 calories saved
  12. Ice cream vs. Protein ice cream = 200 calories vs 140 calories= save 60 calories
  13. 6 ounce Pasta; 600 calories vs. 6 oz Shirataki noodles 10 calories= SAVE 590 calories
  14. Large banana 150 calories vs. small banana: 75 calories = 75 calories saved (and 15 g carbs)
  15. Caramel syrup 50 calories vs skinny syrup 0 calories= 50 calories saved
  16. Hershey’s syrup chocolate 45 calories vs. Hershey’s Sugar free chocolate syrup 5 calories- 40 calories saved
  17. Maple syrup 100 calories vs. zero sugar maple syrup: 5 calories= 95 calories saved
  18. BBQ sauce 70 calories vs Sugar Free BBQ Sauce 15 calories= 55 calories saved
  19. Spaghetti sauce 110 calories vs. Hunts spaghetti sauce 35 calories = 75 calories saved

For a grand total of 1900 calories saved!

low calorie swaps to make a calorie deficit effortless

And there are so many more that I keep thinking about. So, let me know. What is your favorite low calories swap!?


    1. Ah! Sorry about this. I should clarify that it is for 5 eggs! You are correct.
      But, with that said, I wrote this so long ago, I’m not entirely sure why I used those numbers! Five seems kind of random. There must have been some reason I did that, but I have no clue!

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