How to Play Frisbee Baseball {Another Frisbee Game}


How to play frisbee baseball for an elementary school PE game or gym class. It’s perfect for 3rd-6th grade.

I called this PE game “frisbee baseball” and I think it is my new favorite frisbee game.  I have been using it with 3rd and 4th graders, but I also think it would work with 5/6.

Prior to this game, we spent 2 weeks working on basic throwing and catching with a frisbee.  They are getting good at the throws, but we still need more work on the catch!

Rules of Frisbee Baseball

  1. Divide the class into teams of 5 kids on each team.
  2. Each team has 2 cones, set about 10 paces apart.
  3. The “thrower” stands at the home cone, the “pitcher” stands at the other.
  4. The other 3 players are the “outfield” and spread out about 10 paces behind the pitcher.
  5. The thrower give the frisbee a big throw  towards the “outfield”.
  6. The closest outfielder tries to catch it (if he/she does not catch, they just run and get it and continue) and then passes it to the next outfielder who passes it to the third outfielder who passes it to the pitcher.
  7. Once the pitcher has the frisbee, he/she touches their cone and calls “stop”.
  8. Meanwhile, the thrower runs circles around the two cones.
  9. Each time the thrower passes the home cone it is a point.
  10. The thrower’s goal is to see how many points he/she can get before the frisbee is back with the pitcher. The players then rotate places and repeat.

What I love about this frisbee baseball game:

It is active!  The kids do a lot of running.

It is engaging!  All of my students stayed involved and had fun.

It is easy!  Set up and clean up are a breeze.  It takes a few minutes to explain it the first time.

What I didn’t love about frisbee baseball:

Skill practice is questionable.  Although I stressed making good throws and catches, most of the groups were in too big of a hurry to pay attention to the throwing and catching form we had been working on.

Overall, a positive.  My students left commenting on how fun it was and they all got some good movement in.

Frisbee baseball

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