14 Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats and Snacks

These 14 healthy Valentine’s Day foods will help you celebrate the special day AND move towards your health goals! You won’t feel deprived at all!

1 Dipped Strawberries!

Strawberries dipped in white chocolate with Valentine's sprinkles

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2: Kodiak Pancakes

Use mashed berries instead of jam and save 50 calories. Do that every day for a year and save 18,250!!
That’s 5 lbs my friends!
This breakfast is 1/2 cup Kodiak cake pancake mix with mashed raspberries. Soooooo yummy!

Pancakes with raspberries and whipped cream

3: Healthy Valentine’s Day Candy Portion Control

Head over to this post to see what 100 calories of your favorite Valentines’ candy looks like!

valentines day portion control

4 : Strawberries & Cream Stuffed French Toast

To make this lower calorie and higher in protein, you can
1️⃣ Soak longer for more egg in your French toast
2️⃣ Use light cream cheese, mixed with berries for your filling.
3️⃣ Use berries rather than syrup
4️⃣ Use low cal bread or thin style bagels!

Strawberry stuffed french toast

5: High Protein Strawberry Ice Cream

Valentine’s day- strawberry protein ice cream!
♥️2 scoops strawberry protein powder (fitcrunch brand)
♥️1 cup skim milk
♥️1 cup frozen strawberries
Blended and frozen!
Total calories 282
Macros: 34 g protein!
28 g carbs
5 g fat

High protein strawberry ice cream

6: Frozen Yogurt with Raspberries

I love freezing my Greek yogurt just for something different to eat!
1 cup plain, non fat Greek yogurt is 120 calories and 23 grams of protein! Yummy!

Frozen yogurt bark

7: 100 Calorie Mug Brownies

100 calorie fudgy Brownie mug!
This little portion control treat hack has saved me so many times when I want a treat, but I also don’t want a whole pan of brownies taunting me the rest of the day.

2 tablespoons of dry brownie mix is 100 calories. Add a little water till it’s the consistency of brownie batter.
Spray a mug and microwave for 60 seconds. Check for doneness, and then give it 20-30 seconds more!

Must eat right away! Fudgy and yummy the first 20 minutes. After that, it gets hard or rubbery

100 calorie brownie in a mug

8: Strawberry Greek Yogurt Parfait

Classic Strawberry parfait with Oikos triple zero Greek yogurt.
I used
♥️1.5 containers Oikos triple zero
♥️5 ounces strawberries
♥️A sprinkle of dry oats!
I love that it’s low fat, high protein and balanced carbs! So filling!

Greek yogurt strawberry parfait

9: Healthy Valentine’s Popcorn

Treat your family…or yourself, who am I kidding. 1 cup of plain popcorn only has 30 calories!!
If I’m eating popcorn for myself, I flavor it with a spray of butter flavored cooking spray and salt.
Found the printables from Mom Dot Official

(check out my post on single serving microwave popcorn here!)

Valentines popcorn

10 : Classic Pink Salad {healthier}

Protein Packed Pink Salad!!
3 ingredients in ANY amount
♥️ Cottage cheese
♥️ Strawberries
♥️ Sugar free strawberry jello packet (powder only)
Some recipes I share, I will tell you… Eat this alone if you are on a diet. It’s good for you. But I probably wouldn’t take it to a potluck.
This pink salad is different! I would 100% take this to a dinner party, and I did last night!! Sooooooo tasty!
The nutrition for this is from 1 cup (1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1/2 cup chopped strawberries)
106 calories and 15 grams of protein!

healthy cottage cheese pink salad

11: Chocolate Dipped Apple Valentine’s

As a nutrition professional, I feel I might be shamed for the fact that I don’t like dark chocolate. ?
It’s very popular to love dark chocolate, but I’m just not a fan. I like milk chocolate and white chocolate, but somehow no one is impressed by that. ?
Anyway, onto day 11! I printed these cute tags from @lifeissweeterbydesign
I used 1 tablespoon of chocolate chips and 1/2 of a sliced apple.
Note: I soaked the slices in lemon juice while I melted the chocolate chips. This helps prevent browning. Then, I dried the apple slices very well, and then dipped the apples in the chocolate.
To decorate, I used sprinkles, coconut, graham cracker crumbs, and almond slices. I think this would make a great after school snack for the kids on Valentine’s day!

Apple valentines

12: Maple Almond Fudge

Maple Almond Fudge!
Healthy? Yeah.
Low calorie. Not at all. Bummer. Must practice self control!
In a saucepan melt:
♥️1 cup cashew butter
♥️3/4 cups almond flavored coconut butter ( found this at my grocery store maceys and wanted to give it a try).
♥️3 tablespoons pure maple syrup.
♥️1 teaspoon butter.
After melted in a saucepan and stirred till smooth, remove from heat and add sprinkles.
Pour into a pan with parchment paper (like a loaf pan).
Freeze for 1 hour.
Cut and enjoy!!

Low sugar Maple almond fudge

13: Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes

Mini healthy #strawberrycheesecake.
Makes 6!
My strawberry layer is
2 tablespoons light cream cheese
1 tablespoon honey
1/3 cup Greek yogurt, plain
4 ounces strawberries.
Blend in a food processor and pour into mini pre made graham cracker crust (these are 100 calories each).
Then freeze for 1 hour.
? The trick to these frozen yogurt treats is to not freeze too long. You don’t want them solid as a rock. Just firm!
I added an extra spoonful of yogurt to the top, but it’s totally optional.

Mini strawberry cheesecake recipe

14: Protein Packed Pizza

Day 14! Final installment of 14 days to a healthier Valentine’s Day! I found this recipe over on the Kodiak pancake mix website for
Kodiak Pizza Crust! I love using this mix for a boost of protein. Browse their site cause their recipe section is bomb! Kodiakcakes.com
Than make this yummy pizza for dinner!

Heart shaped pizza


14 days to a healthy valentine's day

Other Healthy Valentine’s Foods


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