8 Desserts Under 100 Calories!


These dessert ideas are not for those people who can eat 1 bite of a cookie and walk away. These low calorie desserts are for those people like me who want to eat ALL of it for 100 calories, and still reach your weight loss goals.

I do count calories! It’s not trendy. People like to argue that calories don’t count. People will say calories don’t matter if you are eating healthy food.

But in my experience in 45 years as a short girl, calories count a lot! I’ve been eating mostly healthy food my entire life, and only a few extra hundred calories per day of healthy food, is responsible for the majority of the weight struggles I’ve had.

New beliefs about counting calories

It wasn’t until I stopped believing that calories were irrelevant, and started tracking all my food, and eating mindfully that I stopped gaining weight.

At first it was a chore. At first, I hated that I had to track my calories. It wasn’t fair I would say. But what I’ve learned through health, nutrition, business, school, and more is that you have to love the journey!

Live The Story You Want to Tell. The joy is in your story.. not the destination! So, one day I had to decide that I needed to find the JOY in tracking food. I had to get to a place where the journey of food tracking was more important than the destination of the perfect weight.

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And guess what? I DID get there! I’m now in a place where tracking is not only fun, but it’s like a science project for me.

I like planning ahead. I like knowing how my body responds to different foods. In fact, I like being accountable for what goes in my mouth and not letting every day be a free-for-all.

I like that tracking gives me the freedom to enjoy ALL foods, including dessert! I like to see how I can get a treat to fit in my plan for the day.

Why low-calorie desserts matter

So, why this low-calorie dessert post? Because I love dessert. And because I love tracking, I need to see how many calories and macronutrients are in each portion. I also like portion control, so If I can make just one serving, I’ll do it!

This post is written from my heart. The part of my heart that is just looking for a treat that won’t ruin my calories for the day. I’ve been scouring the internet looking for some low-calorie ideas, and all the “healthy desserts” are VERY high in calories.

But I came up with 8 that are completely under 100 calories, that you only have to make one of, and you can eat the entire thing.

Desserts under 100 calories

1. Cool Whip/ Yogurt Pie 94 calories!

A simple mix of cool whip and Greek yogurt, and scooped onto a Nilla wafer crust!

2. Chocolate cups 100 Calories

Using 1 tablespoon of chocolate chips, melt them and brush them into a silicone muffin cup. Chill in the freezer and then fill with whipped topping and berries.

3. Marshmallow dipped in chocolate 55 calories

Using 1, 25-calorie marshmallow and 1/2 tablespoon chocolate chips, these marshmallow chocolates only clock in at 55 calories each.

This cookie took a lot of trial and error, but I think the final result was perfect! With the right measurements, you really can make one single cookie! (for 12 low calorie cookie recipes, check out this post!)

stack of orange sugar low cal cookies

5. Mug Cake 100 calories

You really could do this with any cake mix, but 2 tablespoons of cake mix, 1 tablespoon of egg whites, and 1 tablespoon of water add up to 100 calories exactly. The directions to make it in the low-calorie cake in the microwave are here!

6. Apple Nacho’s 100 calories for a plate (or 10 calories each!)

Full low calorie recipe on Instagram here, but these are just apple chips with melted chocolate and berries! SO YUMMY!!

7. Homemade, Low Cal Protein Ice Cream 100 calories

I made this healthy froyo recipe using 1 cup of frozen raspberries and 1/2 container of nonfat Greek vanilla yogurt (40 calories worth). Then, just blend in a food processor!

8. Baked Cinnamon Apple 100 calories

Basically apples with cinnamon, brown sugar, and cornstarch to make a thick and delicious sauce! Check it out on Instagram:

100 calorie apple dessert

And those are the ones I have so far! I’m always thinking of more, so come back often. Check out my segment on our local station here:


8 100 calorie desserts for a healthy diet

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