🍰 51 Best Low Calorie Desserts for Weight Loss


Counting calories to lose weight allows so much flexibility. You can fit a variety of food into your diet, including dessert! This list of 51 dessert ideas will help you with weight loss, while also enjoying your food.

Need a dessert with only 100 calories to splurge on it? I’ve got the roundup of the BEST Low calorie desserts with the calorie count.

🍰 Low Calorie Cakes

  1. 3 Ingredient Healthy Strawberry Shortcake (109 calories)
  2. Sugar free Angel Food Cake (66 calories)
  3. Angel Food Cupcakes (60 calories)

🍨 Popsicles & Frozen Low Cal Treats

  1. Banana Chocolate Popsicles (94 calories)
  2. Skinny Frozen Yogurt Treat (96 calories)
  3. High Fiber Sugar Free Raspberry Ice (48 calories)
  4. Peaches & Cream Protein Ice Cream Mini Cones (68 calories)
  5. Weight Watchers Frozen Yogurt Pie (87 calories)
frozen Desserts under 100 calories


51 low calorie desserts for weight loss

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