End “What the Hell” Eating for Good

If you know what I mean by “what the hell” eating, than you probably have done it before. Here’s the situation: You eat a food you regret. That food isn’t on your diet, or the amount you ate of it was completely unnecessary, and would verge on embarrassing if people knew how much food you can eat! That’s when “what the hell” eating enters the picture. You feel guilty for eating a food, decide the diet and willpower is ruined for the day. Than intentionally decide the only “logical” next step is to start over tomorrow and finish the day […]

Fat Free Mini Cherry Pie Recipe


If you have 10 minutes and a craving for something sweet, look no further than these fat free mini cherry pies! Using Wonton wrappers and some light cherry pie filling, I made these little cherry pies and baked them in the oven. Such a delicious summer treat!

3 Ways to Make Zoodles


Replace zoodles for noodles and save 183 calories per serving! Yesterday I went to our local NBC studio to talk about Zoodles! Zoodles (or spiralized zucchini) is a great substitute for regular noodles! I like to use them because I can spend more calories on the yummier things like butter, cheese, sauces, and meat! (Watch my segment here) 3 Reasons to add zoodles to your summer: Zoodles are low in calories (200 calories vs. 17 calories) I love this because you can add more delicious food on top for the calories, without compromising satiety or taste. Zoodles are high in […]

High Protein Chocolate Fruit Dip


Quick and delicious, this chocolate fruit dip is a great source of protein, yet low in calories! The nutrition info for this High protein Low Calorie Chocolate Fruit Dip 🍫✔️1 tablespoon cocoa powder (25 calories)✔️1/2 teaspoon Vanilla extract (6 calories)✔️1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt (50 calories)✔️1 tsp honey (21 calories) 

Best Low Calorie Tortilla


There are so many products on the market for tortillas, and some of them are crazy high in calories! But, I’ve found my favorites, because I love wraps and egg burritos. So, the best tortillas that I’ve found, for the least amount of calories are below. (please share yours too in the comments!) From low carb, to low fat, to low calorie, there is a tortilla for everyone. The interesting thing in looking at calories on packages of tortillas is that most promoted as “low carb” are also low in calories. It just must not be trendy to advertise low […]

Graham Cracker Ice Cream Sandwich


Delicious and refreshing treat! This low fat, low calorie ice cream sandwich will hit the spot! This treat is quick and easy. I simply mixed low fat greek yogurt with berries and whipped topping. Placed between two graham crackers and put it in the freezer. (similar to my low calorie yogurt pie!) I only let it sit for about 1 hour, than ate it. Partially because I couldn’t wait, but secondly because I like my “ice cream” soft and not frozen solid.

White Chocolate Raspberry Low Calorie Pudding Recipe


This delicious low calorie dessert recipe won’t have you feeling deprived at all on your way to your weight loss goals. Each serving is only 100 calories! Weekends can be hard when you are trying to stick to a low calorie diet. More food, more friends and family, and more leisure time can make it hard to resist scrumptious and tempting treats. I do like to indulge, which is why I have a recipe list full of low calorie desserts, that are literally as good as high calorie treats. Eating this and sharing it with my family is the best!

Watermelon Protein Smoothie


🍉 Low calorie protein shake. 🍉 While I prefer not drinking my calories, I can make an exception when I can keep the calorie to protein ratio low. Plus, it’s summer, and this is so refreshing! This is how I do it: ✔️1 scoop of protein powder (90 calories rather than the package serving size of two scoops) ✔️Water and ice instead of milk or juice. ✔️ Watermelon or other low cal fruit! (I used three cups fresh watermelon) This recipe made two, 12 ounce glasses! For 12 ounces 91 calories 8 g protein 13 g carbs 1 g fat […]

Make Half your Plate Fruits and Veggies with Portion Plates


AMAZON PRIME WEEKEND SALE!! 10% OFF PORTION PLATES USING CODE: 10PRIMEPLATE The eating plan, with the most research confirming it’s efficacy, is half your plate should come from fruits and veggies.  Years of research confirms that eating this way will have the biggest positive impact on your health.  Some benefits to making half your plate fruits and vegetables include: Maintaining a healthy weight Improving immunity Keeping your diet low in calories Reducing disease risk Getting adequate fiber each day Re-training taste preferences for overly sweet or salty foods. giving you more energy throughout the day This meal above was dinner on our portion control plates last night! […]

Common Weight Loss Beliefs Worth Challenging


Believing some of these things kept me from seeing weight loss results for so long! I finally started questioning them and it was worth it! What weight loss beliefs should you be challenging? I love this question! Because I’ve been so interested in diet culture from a very young age, there are certain beliefs that have shaped my behavior for sure.  Some things I believed so strongly, that I wasn’t even willing to challenge them. These included: That you should eat every 2 hours – I mean, heaven forbid you go too long between meals, cause your metabolism will come […]

Low Calorie Pasta Salad


Make ahead and chill this low calorie pasta salad for your next potluck! Attending social events, parties, or neighborhood BBQ’s is part of summer. I never want to get to the point where I avoid socializing because the food FOMO is so overwhelming. In fact, I don’t just want to attend the parties, I also want to eat food with my friends and family! There is a way that you can enjoy food while socializing and still meet your weight loss goals. When you are invited to a summer BBQ or potluck, it’s always a good idea to bring a […]

Low Calorie Ice Cream Cone S’mores


Stick to your weight loss goals, even while camping! These 100 calorie S’mores is a new and delicious way to enjoy dessert in the outdoors. At my last trip to Girls camp for my church, we decided to have s’mores in an ice cream cone, rather than traditional s’mores. I loved this idea for a few reasons. We didn’t have marshmallow roasting sticks for 32 teenage girls. It is less messy! Graham crackers and chocolate bars can get expensive. And, it was a new idea and something the girls hadn’t tried before. All you have to do to make these […]