29 Healthy Pancake Recipes That Fit Perfectly with Your Diet

29 of the healthiest pancake recipes on the web 2

No matter what diet you are on, there is a pancake in this list for you! I have a healthy pancake recipe for a low calorie diet, low carb, high protein, and more. Choose your diet, and choose your healthy pancake recipe! Not only does everyone’s diet vary, but we often change our eating style many times throughout our life! Once you find the perfect diet for you, it will feel natural and easy to stick to. For me, I’ve tried many healthy diets and eating styles. The diet that I have found that works best for me is a […]

Roasted Sweet Potato Noodles with Feta Cheese Recipe

When you are looking for a vegetable side dish for dinner, try these sweet potato noodles! Made with a spiralizer and roasted, these sweet potato noodles are topped with feta cheese and salt for a simple yet delicious side! When it comes to healthy eating, I’m a big supporter of healthy, whole food carb sources, like sweet potatoes! Unless you’re on Keto, carbohydrates can be a terrific source of energy. Recently, I’ve been having a lot of low carb days. My reason is not because I fear carbs. My reason for low carb is because with a limited number of […]

Healthy Microwave French Toast {in a Mug}

french toast in a mug made in the microwave H

French toast can be a healthy way to start your day! Try this microwave french toast in a mug, and have breakfast ready in minutes! I noticed something about myself… When I’m waiting for a skillet to heat up (making eggs, pancakes, or french toast), I graze! It’s completely mindless. By the time I start making breakfast, I’m pretty hungry, so I’ve caught myself ripping off a hunk of bread, getting a handful of cereal, or eating an extra banana. But knowing is half the battle, amiright? Using the microwave for a quick breakfast actually stops me from doing that! And […]

10 Kitchen Hacks to Stop Overeating

10 kitchen hacks to stop overeating 1

Simple changes in your own kitchen can support your desire to eat healthier, stop overeating and give you that feeling of control once again! I’d like to think I know when I’ve overeaten, or eaten too much food. But it’s not always obvious! With processed food and constant distraction, we usually don’t realize we have overeaten until we feel physically sick, or we gain weight. The mindless eating phenomenon was made popular by the researcher and author Brian Wansink, Ph.D with his research at Cornell University. This is the idea that you are overeating without even noticing or being conscious […]

High Protein Cucumber Tuna Boats Done Right!

high protein cucumber tuna boats H

These low carb, high protein, Cucumber Tuna Boats was the perfect change to my high protein lunch routine! It’s been awhile since I ate tuna, although I have plenty in my pantry. I’ve been getting in a rut during these dieting days and I’ve had a lot of chicken and ground beef. When I noticed some tuna pouches in the pantry, I knew it was time to shake up my protein game. Those tuna pouches seem to last forever! Tuna is kind of low on my list of my go-to protein food ideas, but I’m reconsidering bringing it up a […]

Low Calorie Italian Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers

peppers with ground beef and cheese L

These delicious Italian mini stuffed bell peppers are made with the leanest ground beef to make them low in calories. I added Italian ingredients such as spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese for the perfect low calorie dinner! For the next 5 weeks I am being incredibly intentional about the time I’m spending in the kitchen. The more time I’m in the kitchen, the more food I graze on, mindlessly. I’m also trying to only create recipes that, if I eat all of it, it’s not going to ruin my weight loss progress for the NPC stage! For both those reasons, […]

Healthy Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes in Less than 15 Minutes

chocolate banana protein pancakes H

These quick, healthy banana chocolate chip pancakes have only 4 basic ingredients. Banana, oats, egg whites, and chocolate! They are deliciously low in calories, gluten free and a great way to start your day! For the majority of my life, I was a hard core, early morning breakfast eater. I’m an extremely early riser (4-5am most days), and I would head straight to the kitchen and eat. Usually something small like a yogurt, or banana and toast. I’d do some morning scripture study and then go for a run. However, about 5 years ago, I decided I wanted to try […]

New Chicken Lettuce Wraps {Bacon, Avocado, and Ranch, Style!}

Easy lettuce wraps chicken and bacon ranch N

I love this new twist on the classic chicken lettuce wraps! Most chicken lettuce wraps I’ve found are of the Asian flavor. This one is new and different with ground chicken, turkey bacon, mushrooms, avocado, and ranch! While I do love stuffing chicken salad inside a lettuce wrap, sometimes you just need something different. I had been thinking about a chicken bacon ranch sandwich, and thought of the lettuce instead of bread to put it together. That’s when I decided I wanted to use ground chicken and fully dive into the idea of a wrap! This wrap is simple, and […]

5 Reasons Frozen Peanut Butter Will Be Your New Favorite Treat

frozen peanut butter your new favorite treat 5

If you love peanut butter, but don’t feel like you can stick to just one serving, try freezing it! Frozen peanut butter can satisfy your craving and help you control your portions! I’m weak for peanut butter. I admit it. I can’t be trusted around a jar of peanut butter. If you give me a spoon, it would be pretty easy for me to eat 5000 calories in a few minutes flat. And that’s the problem with peanut butter! How many calories are in a serving of peanut butter? Most commercial jars of peanut butter are the same. 2 tablespoons […]

19 Low Calorie Egg Ideas for Breakfast

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Quick, healthy and tasty, low calorie egg ideas for breakfast! While I’ve been losing weight for my first bodybuilding show, I’ve been eating eggs every single morning for breakfast. Not only are eggs quick and tasty, but the amount of protein I can pack in before 10am makes it worth it. I don’t think I could live without eggs! So, imagine my surprise when the grocery stores were OUT OF EGGS in Mid-March, when quarantine started! My husband and I decided, in an attempt to become more self-reliant and independent, we would just have to buy our own chickens so […]

2 Minute Breakfast: Microwave Eggs

microwave eggs on plate with toast and berries 2

While eggs are already a quick thing to make for breakfast, sometimes quick and zero mess is what you need! These 2 minute microwave eggs are the perfect solution for one dish, no mess, and a quick healthy meal. Can you cook eggs in the microwave? Yes. Microwave eggs have become all the rage the last few years. There’s a few reasons I think this would be. It’s quick! Literally, within 2 minutes your eggs are fully cooked! On the stove top, while eggs don’t take very long to cook, you’re still looking at 5-10 minutes after you heat your […]

Low Calorie No-Bake Raspberry Cheesecake


It took me several attempts to make a no-bake, low calorie cheesecake that was below 100 calories, but I did it! Made with light cream cheese, fat free cottage cheese, zero calorie sugar and some unflavored gelatin, this no-bake cheesecake exceeded my expectations! I’ve been experiementing with different ways to make a lighter cream cheese filling for a healthy, low calorie cheesecake. I’ve actually had some pretty big fails. But my biggest problem is not calculating the nutrition information before I start testing. Many times, I’ve ended up with delicious cheesecake, but each piece is VERY HIGH in calories. That […]