5 Minute Chicken Parmesan Chaffle

Easy chicken parmesan chaffle in 5 minutes sq 5

This easy, high protein, low carb, low calorie, Chicken Parmesan Chaffle only takes 5 minutes to make! You can have dinner in less time than you can order take-out! This past week we had the opportunity to spend a few days camping with some new friends! We went white water rafting on the Payette River in Idaho for 4 days. One of our friends from this group went to Culinary school on the East Coast. I was thrilled to chat with her about all the food she cooks! She is also the one that first introduced me to Chaffles that […]

Homemade Grilled Chick-fil-a Nuggets {with low calorie dipping sauce}

homemade and healthy grilled chick-fil-a nuggets with a low calorie sauce thumbnail H

Make homemade, healthy grilled Chick-fil-A nuggets from home. It’s easy and delicious! Plus, a recipe for a low calorie Chick-fil-a sauce to go with it! I’ve been collecting and creating a ton of healthy chicken recipes recently. I’m still eating the way I did during my bikini prep, which means, chicken, veggie, rice, and eggs are a major part of my diet. (check out my low carb, high protein meal plan here) So, it makes sense to start creating a variety of ways to cook chicken. This week, I decided to recreate the Grilled Chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a. I think […]

Blueberry Cheesecake Yogurt Protein Bowl

blueberry cheesecake protein yogurt bowl B

The latest craze: Yogurt Protein Bowl! Combine Greek yogurt with your favorite protein powder and you’ve got a high protein, delicious treat! 5 Reasons to eat more yogurt protein bowls I’ve been obsessed lately with mixing different flavored protein powder into plain Greek Yogurt. I have so many reasons I’ve been eating this. Here are 5! It reveals instantly whether I’m going to like the taste of the protein powder or not. I don’t care for drinking protein shakes. because there are so many other (more filling ways) to include protein powder in your diet. Making a yogurt protein bowl […]

BLT Chicken Salad {5 Minute high protein meal idea!}

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This delicious BLT chicken salad is a quick and healthy meal you must add to your menu! This high protein recipe uses turkey bacon, pre-cooked chicken, avocado, tomato, and lettuce. Get all the details to make it today! For 255 calories, this BLT chicken salad is perfect for lunch. I made it yesterday and can’t wait to have it again. What are the ingredients in a BLT Chicken salad? A traditional BLT is bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes on bread. This sandwich is a favorite for so many people, including me! But, making a BLT, and adding chicken and making it […]

Healthy Travel Food Ideas

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What I Eat In a Day for Healthy Travel Food When you are on vacation, but you still want to stick to your diet, because it makes you feel great, I totally get it! Here’s some healthy food ideas I packed for a recent trip that turned out perfect!. I just returned from a weekend trip with my long time running partner Eliece. It was a short trip. We left on Friday after lunch and returned Sunday before lunch. So, my plan was to bring travel food for Friday’s dinner Saturday’s breakfast Saturday’s lunch Eat out Saturday night And Sunday […]

How To Stop Eating Between Meals {15 ways that work for me}

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It’s tough to stick to a weight loss plan if you are constantly grazing. Stop eating between meals, and it will be easier to reach your health goals like losing weight. Eating three meals a day and no snacks has been the easiest way for me to control my calories and maintain my weight loss! (my weight loss story here) Deciding to stop snacking all day, or stop eating after dinner can be difficult. Our modern food culture makes it so easy to eat constantly, especially between meals. The Research of Limited Snacking A small study showed the benefits of […]

4 Strategies to Stop Sabotaging Your Diet

4 ways to stop sabotaging your diet and reach your weight loss goals 4

Sabotaging your diet means you want to lose weight, but in the moment, you want something else more, like a cookie! When it comes to sabotaging your diet, identifying what triggers the beginning of the slippery slope of self-sabotage, is critical. While I’ve been consistently eating clean and avoiding binges for the past 7 months, I had a set back this week! One harmless bowl of “banana pudding” turned into a feast of me standing at my counter devouring cookies and whipped cream! WHY would I start on this slippery slope after all the hard work I’ve put in this […]

Crustless Low Calorie Banana Cream Pie

Crustless low calorie low fat banana cream pie C

Creamy and Delicious, this quick, low fat, low calorie version of banana cream pie is a healthy alternative to the traditional treat! Made with banana, creamy non fat yogurt and a banana pudding mix! Between this banana cream pie experiment, and yesterday’s cinnamon peaches and cream dessert, I’ve entered the dieting phase of the “slippery slope”. You know what I mean. You let one highly palatable, delicious (but healthy) dessert back into your life. Then, you start justifying all the things that are OK to eat. Then, you find yourself, elbow deep in a box of Nilla wafers in one […]

35 Calorie Broiled Cinnamon Peaches & Cream

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For 35 calories and 15 minutes of your time, enjoy this broiled cinnamon peaches and cream! With fresh peaches, spray butter, cinnamon, and zero calorie sugar, you’re going to love them! If you are counting calories or dieting, you might be fantasizing about indulging in all the sweet treats you feel deprived of in this moment. This is why I LOVE to create recipes for low calorie desserts! Fruit is a great choice for a low calorie dessert. Not only are they naturally sweet, but you also get the benefits of being high in nutrients. Apples and peaches are terrific […]

40 Calorie Baked Parmesan Tomatoes

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Delicious and healthy side dish for dinner, Baked Parmesan Tomatoes! All you need is three things: sliced tomatoes, shredded Parmesan cheese, and fresh basil. I was never a tomato eater until I dropped my calories this year for the bikini transformation! Now, I’m obsessed! With 24 calories per tomato, they became a staple in my list of “dietary free foods“. I didn’t have to count them, so I ate a lot of them! I even tried to grow some tomatoes this summer, but I failed miserably. So, for now, I’m getting my tomatoes at the store, at the farmer’s market, […]

17 Quick & Healthy Fruit Dip Recipes

17 Delicious Healthy Fruit Dips 1

Delicious and simple healthy fruit dip recipe! Bring to a party or just keep in the fridge for healthy snacking. Clean eating never tasted this good! Some of these healthy fruit dips are high in protein, some are vegan, I have a keto one, low carb dips, and some are low calorie. All of them are quick and easy to make, sweet, and full of creamy deliciousness! What fruits are good for dipping? Fruits that are good for dipping are usually easy to pick up with your hand or a pick of some sort. They also should be able to […]

Easy Low Calorie Chaffle {Gluten free bread substitute}

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Chaffles (a cheese waffle) has become the latest craze as a bread substitute! I used egg whites and fat free cheddar cheese for a perfect low calorie chaffle. Can we talk about the latest craze, #CHAFFLES? Popular in the keto community, I only learned about it a few weeks ago when my husband took a river rafting class. One of the ladies in his group would bring her sandwich on the river, and instead of bread, she simply combined cheese and eggs to make a chaffle! And even though I love bread, this low calorie bread alternative really hits the spot! […]