Healthy Homemade Froyo Recipe

Delicious healthy high protein low calorie frozen yogurt H

With 100 calories and 7 grams of protein, this homemade froyo recipe will be your next healthy treat! What is Froyo? Froyo is an abbreviated way to say Frozen Yogurt! I remember when Frozen yogurt got popular in the 1990’s as a healthy alternative to Ice cream. Not only did Frozen yogurt shops start opening up every where, but frozen yogurt found it’s way into grocery store shelves as well. It was, and still is a great alternative to Ice cream. Although low fat isn’t quite as trendy any more, low fat foods tend to have fewer calories. That is […]

Low Calorie Zucchini Muffins

healthy and delicious low calorie zucchini muffins L

If you need a healthy, low calorie zucchini muffin recipe, this is the one for you! Made with applesauce, monk sugar, cinnamon and zucchini, the calories are only 131 per muffin. I just planted my zucchini seeds about 3 weeks ago, and they are already sprouting! I’m admittedly the worst gardener around. I garden via the method, “spray and pray”. I literally sprinkle seeds around the dirt, and hope that they sprout. I’m OK with my lack of gardening skills when it comes to zucchini though. In Utah, zucchini is popular for it’s ability to have daily harvests, despite any […]

Low Calorie Pasta Salad


Make ahead and chill this low calorie pasta salad for your next potluck! Attending social events, parties, or neighborhood BBQ’s is part of summer. I never want to get to the point where I avoid socializing because the food FOMO is so overwhelming. In fact, I don’t just want to attend the parties, I also want to eat food with my friends and family! There is a way that you can enjoy food while socializing and still meet your weight loss goals. When you are invited to a summer BBQ or potluck, it’s always a good idea to bring a […]

17 Low Calorie Soup Recipes

17 low calorie soup recipes for any eating style 1

Soups can be incredibly healthy, or incredibly high in calories and fat. If you are counting calories, I found the top 17 low calorie soups that will have you licking the bowl. Soup can be great for any weight loss goals or healthier eating. Generally, soups are packed with low calorie vegetables, lean meats, and a lot of herbs and spices. I also love that soups are made for meal prepping! You can make a soup ahead of time and freeze it. You can also make a large batch once, and eat from it all week. However, in searching for […]

Printable List for Calories in Vegetables {Low to high}

printable list of common veggies and their calories P

When you need volume, with the least amount of calories, vegetables are the answer! This printable list of calories in vegetables will help you make the right choice to fill you up for the least amount of calories. While I love tools and apps, like MyFitnessPal, sometimes it’s great to just have a list of foods with the calories next to them to print for your fridge. I love having a list like this, so I don’t have to look up each and every veggie to decide what I want to eat. I limited this list to common veggies, as […]

The Tastiest Summer Veggie Skillet Dish

summer vegetables in a skillet - low calorie ideas T

This delicious, healthy veggie skillet dish has your favorite summer veggies. I included zucchini, summer squash, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms with some fresh basil and feta cheese for extra flavor. I’m down to 17 days till I step on the bikini stage for the NPC show in Utah. I’m not going to lie. I’m getting hungry! Any chance I can get for some low calorie options I’m taking. There’s something about being hungry that just makes food taste better! These summer veggies were no exception. Normally, I like vegetables. I haven’t loved veggies until this bikini prep! So, hopefully, […]

8 Reasons 3 Meals A Day Makes Weight Loss Easier

three meals a day diet 8

Weight loss can be easier if you follow a 3 Meals A day Diet. I have 8 reasons why it’s beneficial for your health and waistline. A Return to 3 Meals A Day I recently found out the “one meal a day diet” got an acronym. They call it OMAD. So, I think it would be awesome if eating three meals a day got trendy enough to have an acronym. We could call it the 3MADD: The 3 Meals A Day Diet. (But apparently that’s some sort of overseas TV show. ha,ha) Eating three meals a day is nothing new. […]

Best Low Calorie Tomato Soup Recipe

Low calorie chunky tomato soup with basil B

This is the best, low fat, low calorie tomato soup recipe. It’s so basic, yet so delicious! I added canned tomatoes, fresh basil, chicken broth, garlic, onions, and salt! That’s it! I’m down to the last three weeks on this bikini prep. However, I’m aiming to be as lean as I possibly can be in two weeks. That way, the final week I won’t be so stressed. So, that means, the next two weeks, I am going to be 100% on point with my weight loss, keep my portions under control, and eat as many very low calorie foods as […]

100 Calorie Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple angel food cake 1

This low calorie pineapple upside down cake is made with just two ingredients. Crushed pineapple and a box of Angel food cake mix. Perfect for a low fat, low calorie diet. This dessert was intended to be the classic weight watchers, two ingredient pineapple angel food cake. I pinned this “recipe” several times on my low calorie pinterest boards. I really like the weight watchers recipes that people in the community publish. They are generally low in calories, yet feel indulgent at the same time! The pineapple cake recipe seemed simple enough. Mix one box angel food cake with 1 […]

Crispy Low Calorie Chicken Tenders Recipe

low cal high protein low carb chicken tenders C

These healthy, low calorie crispy chicken tenders are perfect for a high protein meal. All you need is three main ingredients: Chicken tenderloins, low fat buttermilk, and crushed cornflakes! What’s better? Chicken Tenders or Tenderloin? Both a chicken tender and a tenderloin are cut from the chicken breast. The Tenderloin is a naturally separated piece of the breast, that you can tear away and use. The “tender” is just any piece of the white meat from the breast, cut into a strip for baking. If you are counting calories, there isn’t much difference in nutrition between chicken tenders and tenderloins. […]

Low Calorie Layered Raspberry Jello Dessert

Low calorie jello dessert L

If you need a low calorie dessert for a party, for dinner guests, or even just for yourself, you’re going to want this low calorie layered Raspberry Jello Dessert! During this diet for the NPC stage (IN 4 WEEKS!!), I’ve been eating a lot of sugar-free Jello! With only 10 calories per serving, it’s such a yummy way to end a meal. Marking the end of a meal can be beneficial if you are practicing portion control. The meal is over, yet you suffer from the mindset of “if I could only eat one more thing, I’ll be satisfied”. Until […]

High Protein Cream Cheese and Chicken Enchilada Recipe


These creamy chicken enchiladas, made with cream cheese, salsa and chicken, are to DIE for! You do NOT want to miss out! Before we dive into these creamy chicken enchiladas, we must talk about calories. Calories count when it comes to weight loss, no matter if your calories are from protein or carbs. Eating healthy, but gaining weight The most shocking thing for me to learn, after years of following diet plans and listening to diet advice from the experts, was that it is never about the food! The very last diet I tried before finding mindful eating was to […]