Nutrition Basics with PDF

Nutrition basic with pdf printable N

Nutrition isn’t complicated. However, the information overload we see online often makes nutrition feel overwhelming, confusing, and contradictory. But true nutrition basics aren’t controversial. Eat a variety of whole foods, focusing on fruits and veggies, and avoid overeating. My community presentations usually touch on these nutrition basics. Sending a handout or PDF home helps to reinforce the information. When you focus on scientific nutrition basics, and avoid controversial nuances, people feel empowered to make change that is long term. You’ll have a better chance at good health by eating your fruits and veggies, than if you spent time worrying about […]

Cheesy Healthy Meatball Recipe {without breadcrumbs}

Healthy meatball recipe without bread crumbs C

If you need more protein in your diet, this cheesy, healthy meatball recipe will not have you feeling deprived. Plenty of cheese, a little carbs with some cooked rice inside, and lean ground beef can make the most delicious and simple meatballs. I decided to make some meatballs for dinner. I’m in the thick of body building training (bikini prep) and honestly, just trying to get really creative with my protein, since it’s my least favorite food group! I do like ground beef with rice, but I wanted to add some cheese and make it a meal my whole family […]

LDS YW Activity Idea for Nutrition

Nutrition lesson supplies and props L

I was asked to come to a young women’s group on Tuesday night to share a mini lesson for their activity about nutrition. This is one of my favorite things to do! I’ve done this for Cub Scouts, Enrichment, and Activity days. But my favorite group to teach will always be the Young women. And to be perfectly transparent, the cub scouts were the worst. The last time I went to teach, they fake snored during the whole thing! Haha. I guess I’m not meant to work with 10 year old boys! So, to keep the evening simple, and to […]

25 High Protein Foods List I Eat the Most

25 high protein foods i eat the most 2

I got a text from a friend recently asking me for a list of high protein foods to eat. While many people are interested in ways to get more protein in their diet, this friend is pregnant with twins! I’m a huge fan of balance in eating from all the food groups. However, a list of protein ideas is right up there next to veggies as the food group that people struggle to get enough ideas. Fruit and grains are a cinch to eat enough of, but protein and vegetables take planning and attention! I do like to keep a […]

Chocoholic Run St. George, UT

Finish shoot at chocoholic 10k C

I’ve decided in retirement, all I want to do is travel to run races! I think it’s so fun to go to a new city, stay in a hotel, and run a local race. Which is exactly what I did this weekend, and had a blast! I signed up for the Chocoholic Frolic in St. George Utah because it’s the middle of winter, and going south where it’s a few degrees warmer sounded like a great idea. Also, because they were offering a 10K, which doesn’t happen too often in racing. It all 5K’s and half marathons around here. And […]

14 Days to a Healthy Valentine’s Day


You can enjoy the Valentine’s season, and still move towards your health goals. These 14 days of ideas will keep you on track and you won’t feel deprived at all! DAY 1: Dipped Strawberries! Day 2: Kodiak Pancakes. Use mashed berries instead of jam and save 50 calories. Do that every day for a year and save 18,250!!That’s 5 lbs my friends!This breakfast is 1/2 cup Kodiak cake pancake mix with mashed raspberries. Soooooo yummy! Day 3: Practice Valentine candy portion control Head over to this post to see what 100 calories of your favorite Valentines’ candy looks like! Day […]

1200 Calorie Diet Meals


If you are working towards weight loss goals, get this free printable 1200 calorie meal plan here! A 1200 calorie diet may not be easy to stick to. But, when you are short and have a low resting metabolic rate, 1200 calories may be the only way to keep your weight in maintenance. I was listening to a podcast this morning from a Bodybuilding nutritionist, who gets asked how she can stick with her diet when she is in a calorie deficit. I expected her to say she adds volume with veggies or low calorie foods, or she fills up […]

Carbs and Calories of Popular Valentine’s Candy

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Balance and portion control is key. So, here’s just a quick look at what 100 calories of Valentine’s candy looks like. Stick to 100 calories and enjoy a little treat! No need to “throw in the towel and start eating better on Feb 15th!” First up I have some classic conversation hearts. I think these changed their look a bit in the last few years. I don’t remember the ridges around the edge. Valentine’s conversation hearts nutrition info 60 calories for 11 hearts, so I counted out 100 calories is equal to about 16 hearts. They have zero fat, zero […]

Easy White Chocolate Strawberries

White chocolate strawberries E

I’ve been on a journey to find the tastiest healthy desserts under 100 calories. That’s why these white chocolate strawberries are PERFECT! Only 63 calories, if you can eat just one! These white chocolate strawberries are not only tasty, low calorie, and healthy, but they are super easy to make. The trick is to use real melting chocolate for dipping. Whenever I try to use chocolate chips meant for cookies, it never turns out. Any craft store or grocery store that sells cake and candy supplies should have these Wilton brand melts, or another brand. Then, I try to find […]

Health Beet Business Update 2020

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I started Health Beet with the intention of helping busy parents teach their kids about healthy eating in an impactful way. Many caregivers I worked with in the health field felt overwhelmed with their hectic work schedules and felt like when they got home to prepare dinner, they didn’t have any energy left to make a healthy meal, and they were too exhausted to fight with their kids about it. In an effort to put the desire on the kids to eat a healthy balanced meal, with more fruits and vegetables, I developed a nutrition plate that could teach this, […]

Bikini Prep Diary {18 Weeks Out}


I’m not gonna lie. Telling people I’m preparing for a bikini competition (at 46 years old) is pretty bold. Especially, if you’ve never lifted weights or seen your glute muscles in those 46 years!Yet, here I am…. 18 weeks away from a fitness comp that I’ve signed up for, and telling people about it!This has actually been on my bucket list for many years. I’ve always wanted to see if I could be truly disciplined. I want a challenge in life. I want a reason to stick to a strength training program and stick to a meal plan. I like […]

The Best Low Calorie Bread for 2020

I. Love. Bread. I love bread! I can hear Oprah saying this for her weight watchers commercials in my mind whenever I think about bread. I repeat it often to anyone listening. I get you Oprah! I LOVE BREAD too! Bread has gotten such a bad reputation in the past two decades as something to eliminate if you want to lose weight. I can promise you, I’ve lost weight, and maintained it, without ever cutting bread out of my diet. I literally eat a slice of bread every day. (Except my 7 days on Bright Line Eating of course!) Because […]