Entrepreneur spotlight: Core-Fit Studio

Maria Hubscher of Core Fit Studio E

It takes a lot of passion to open a brand new fitness studio. Meet Maria, who recently did this, and how she’s growing her business today. I first met Maria, owner of Core Fit Studio in November when I noticed her fitness center being built close to my house. I was so intrigued, I showed up to meet her, even before her gym was open. I instantly liked her. She encompasses true passion for healthy living, she’s got a great sense for business, and the fact that she’s in her 50’s, yet looks 25, has me very jealous. Last week, […]

What You Should Know About Canada’s New Food Guide

Canadas food guide or food plate W

Health Canada just revealed their updated dietary guidelines with the associated image to represent a healthy plate. They are calling it, Canada’ Food Guide, but I like, Canada’s Food Plate! The recommendations can be summarized on their Food Guide Canada website here.  To summarize the important points, Be Mindful of your eating habits . Take time to eat. Notice when you are hungry and when you are full. Cook more often. Plan what you eat. Involve others in planning and preparing meals. Enjoy your food. Culture and food tradition can be party of healthy eating. Eat meals with others. Eat […]

34 Portion Control Tips for Real Life

portion control tips for real life. great ideas to serving sizes 3

These portion control strategies can help you when you are attempting to lose weight with simple portion control, or you just want to stop overeating. When it comes to portion control tips or strategies, many experts have great ideas, but are they realistic? Do their tips and strategies for portion control help when there is a container of ice cream in your freezer, and you can’t stop thinking about having another bowl? I’ve been having and listening to conversations of people who struggle with overeating and portion control, and have found these tips and strategies that have worked for one […]

Ultimate Guide to Portion Control


What you should know about portion control and how to make it work for weight loss. You’ve probably come to the conclusion that controlling your portions could be the answer to losing weight. I can tell you, it most definitely is the answer! If you’ve ever eaten more than one bowl of cereal, dished yourself up a pint of ice cream, or put your hand multiple times into a bag of chips, you probably know why you aren’t losing weight. The portion control approach to weight loss just makes sense! As human beings, we should be able to eat a […]

Live Your Life and Your Passion Will Find You

The Best Advice on Finding Your Passion I often think back to what inspired me to pursue nutrition and health as a career.  I don’t believe I CHOSE that I was going to have an obsession about nutrition and food.   I do know that my earliest memories are of curiosity about health, food, and the human body. I remember pouring over books in the library about diets and staying fit from a very young age. Not entirely because I was concerned about the way I looked, although that was a factor, but mostly because I was fascinated by what affects […]

11 Tried and True Ways to Stick To a Diet

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I’ve tried enough diets to know that sometimes it’s easy to stick to a diet, and sometimes you want to throw in the towel early.  So, what is the difference?   What makes a diet easy to stick to, and what makes them feel like you want to bury your head in a pint of ice cream?  With experience, research, and social reporting, I’ve nailed down the top 11 things that make diet adherence easier, and how you can use this to your advantage to actually lose weight, no matter what diet you choose to try. FACT: You need to stick […]

My Weight Loss Manifesto

weight loss manifesto M

A manifesto is a public declaration of intentions, motives, and views. (wikipedia) This is my personal declaration of intentions, motives and views in relation to my weight loss journey. I love science, but for this article, I’m throwing science out the window and simply writing what has worked for me, how I have been able to lose weight in the past, and what my plans are for the future. Rather than an article, this is going to be my thoughts and ideas about my own struggles over portion control. I need to have on record what is working right now, […]